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Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai

Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai (Galaxy Warring State Chronicle Rai, aka Thunder Jet) first began being serialized in Comp in 1991 and is still being published. There was also an Anime series based on the Manga. The Anime ran for 52 episodes and was produced by Soft X. There was also a videogame made for the SNES system.

Rai Manga

Rai is a space opera that fuses feudal Chinese and Japanese customs with vast galaxy spanning empires and space-going societies. The story follows the life and times of the samurai Rai, and the quest of several spacefaring factions for control of territory and, of course, the Empire. Biomech warship designs reminiscent of Outlanders also make their appearence. Interestingly enough, Rai is the first story by Manabe that doesn't feature a female as the main character. Although both strong and beautiful women abound in Rai's universe.

Anime Super Nintendo

For lots of images and other multi-media files, including a PC version of the Rai game, try this site: It's spanish language only, but it's a great resource and there's both a Netscape and IE version. Unfortunately I've lost both his name and email address (hello? are you still out there?)!
Also, Enoki Films website has character descriptions and complete episode synopsis'. Try their Thunder Jet page.