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c o w b o y
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Updates Updates

April 27
God bless vacations. A bunch of new Bebop fanart.:) Well, a bunch by my standards...

April 13
New MAG pic in Others, and a new title pic. Oh yeah, and I finally got off my touchas and did a links page.:) Hum... *realizes "touchas" is really neat spoken, but not such a great written word.*

April 5th
Replaced the MAG pic with a better scan, and a new fanart in Others.

March 26th
New title pic, new fanart in Other, and my first goofy attempt at a Cowboy Bebop dj. Yay.^_^ Oh, and some page-shuffling.

March 7th
One new pic in Cowboy Bebop. Color CG- Whoo.:) Took down the Faye doodles until I get to scan them in properly.

February 16th
Two new pics in Originals- an anime-style angel and Kelly Ripa. You know, the chick from Regis.

February 11th
5 new pics in Bebop. Okay, 4 new pics, with another version of one of them, bastardized by a session in Adobe. Anyway... enjoy.:)