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u p d a t e s

c o w b o y
a n i m e
o r i g i n a l
g u e s t

l i n k s
c o n t a c t

Behold my links page. Mwa, ha, ha. Um.

If you wanna link me, here are a couple of banners I finally got off my tuckas to make. This page is link-free, although I'd be darned glad to hear it if you did.:)

Now, on to the links.My Favorite Struggling Artists

Hehe. We all know how hard it is, to surf art pages day and night to find the genius that lurks... well, maybe it's just me.^_^ Anyway, here are some of my most favoritist artists [insert volumes of praise here], so you don't waste any time in finding these people.:)

The Orb of Stars
Soylent Blue Co.
Visions in Black and White
BlackRose's Art Gallery