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What's New?

December 11, 2004

Okay, first thing I'm going to do is redo the format for this page, cause it sucks. I've decided against doing a comprehensive website for Detective Conan, and instead will only use it to post my Conan fanfics, links, and images. I may decide to do some backgrounds later, but nothing is for sure. The biggest news is that I am making a website for a store which sells authentic Japanese Anime Merchandise, straight from Japan. I'm actually doing it as a favor to a friend but it will take a lot of my time. Meanwhile, I have other mini projects in the works. I've captured many images for my Ninja Boy website, those will be up as soon as I've edited them. Plus, I've written a little on the story too. The Rurouni Kenshin Site also has some new fanarts.

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If you have any fanarts you want to submit let me know. They can be of any anime or manga. Just send me an e-mail