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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my recreated Flame of Recca site. Hopefully, you'll find this one better than that poor excuse of a site I used to have here. As you see, I have many image galleries up. You can take any images except where stated otherwise. If you use any of my images for your website, please let me know and include a visible link to my page.

February 12, 2002 UPDATE

*gasp* Has it really been that long? As of today, I will officially *take interest* in this website again. Meaning, irregular updates whenever I feel like it. The only promise I will make concerning Recca fans is: no promises ^_^. I'll update whenever I feel inspired. I still love this series and it's characters. The tv series has been over for several years now and I don't know if more of the series will ever be animated. I will hope for it though, and until then, Flame of Recca will live on through the manga and its fans. Speaking of which, I have been working on a fanfic for a while now; proof that while my work on the site stopped, my interest in the series didn't. I'll post it up sometime soon. Meanwhile, here's a new *old* feature: it's a character page I made a long time ago but was lost the last time I redid the site's format. It's a rather good page, though it only features the Hokage team members so far. Enjoy!

October 12, 2000 UPDATE

Hello fellow Flame of Recca fans. Wow, it's been a month since my last update. Well, I'm waiting to be added to Anipike's link list. Until then, I am capturing, editing, and making more images. This is just to let you know that the site is still up and I am still alive and working. The image galleries are still up and working. Enjoy!
By the way, I am now taking any fanfic/fanart submissions. If you have any to submit mail me. You can either send them as an attached file or copy and past them on the message itself. Thank you

12, 2000 UPDATE
I fixed all the the pictures that link to the image galleries. More images will be added to Mikagami's gallery.



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