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The Fen-Phen Phenomena
Appetite Suppressants

Condensed from an article entitled, "Doctors Warn Dual Medication No Magic Bullet" by Carole Sugarman of the Washington Post

Diet pills are nothing new. In
the '60's and '70s, amphetamines, or speed, were the grug of choice for desperate dieters. But they caused more problems than they solved, not the least of which were addiction and abuse.

In the '90s two drugs emerged at the top of the appetite-suppressant chart, although neither is an amphetamine.

One [was] called fenfluramine which goes by the brand name of Pondamin. By increasing the availability of the newuotransmitter serotonin in the brain (a los level of serotonin is thought to predispose people to crave carbohydrates), it reduces the urge to splurge.

The other is phentermine, also know as Ionamin [Adipex and Fastin]...Often prescribed in tandem, they are frequently referred to as "fen-phen."

Sales of Ionamin were booming. More than 700,000 prescriptions were filled for the the drug in 1995, an increase of more than 90 ercent compared with '94 says Kay Cook, spokesperson for the Rochester, N. Y. based Fisons Pharmaceuticals, its maker.

Sugarman further states that Ionamin is not for "women who want to get from a size 10 to an 8." The pills should be a last resort for truly obese people.

** SY NOTE: This is now 2002 and we know that the bad ingredient in Fen-Phen was the FEN. Fen stands for Fenfluramine and was known to cause many health problems. Therefore, it was taken off the market.

Phentermine is still being used in weight loss programs and has shown to be very effective. It is the number #1 weight loss medication in America.

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