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Slimmer You - Adipex

Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp™
Power 90™ is an accelerated fitness and fat burning program which you follow step-by-step for 90 days to transform and reshape your body. Available on DVD or VHS

Only $ 59.85

Great Body™
Each title in this complete collection of quick targeted sequences is scientifically designed so it will tone and shape your body in under 30 days.

Only $ 29.95

Thin Thighs Guaranteed™
This challenging sequence is scientifically designed to tone and shape your inner and outer thighs in under 30 days. Just 8 minutes a day! It's guaranteed or your money back.

Only $ 19.95

Blocks 12 times its weight in Fat! FatBan™ is a proprietary formulation of Chitosan and Ascorbic Acid in the ideal dosage so you block as much fat from entering your bloodstream as possible.

Only $ 14.99

Great Abs Guaranteed™
This quick, but challenging sequence is scientifically designed for fast results. If you want flat, toned abs in under 30 days, do this routine everyday, just 7 minutes a day, and you will succeed! It's guaranteed or your money back.

Only $ 19.95

Tai Fit™ Total Body Workout
The fat burning phenomenon guaranteed to trim your body, tone muscle, and give you powerful self-confidence. You'll burn fat, lose weight and increase your flexibility no matter what your age or fitness level!

Only $ 19.95
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