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"Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."

Updates (latest down the bottom)

I got rid of the old navigation and I've made new links. Sorry about the box around it. COMING SOON! Links!! Then I can stop putting my fanlisting links up on the main page, which is good, cuz my friend is ready to kill me...

I added new piccys, uploaded my wallpapers and did miscellanious other stuff. So have fun, until I update again. SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!

I got a new Saiyuki artbook the other day, so I'm kinda busy *coughlazycough* and won't be doing anything to this site for a while. But I got 2 Saiyuki CDs and other misc Saiyuki stuff. Now I'm broke! BROKE!

I should've updated this a long time ago...but anyway... I GOT IT! I GOT SAIYUKI! ALL OF THEM! And the movie ^^ No OVA though >.< Oh well. Going to Singapore soon, might try there...
Anyway, back to the site. Joined about 15 fanlistings, all of them can be found on the new links page! I finally got round to doing it! ^^

Added another one of my crazy dreams. Plus, I'm updating the yaoi section.

YAY! I went to Singapore and I'm sitting on a big pile of Saiyuki Comics/Artbooks. Plus, I got a new PC! Tons of screenshots for everyone now!
What's more, I added a new section: Fanstuff. Send me your fanfics/fanart! And while you're at it, read my fanfics!

Merry Xmas people!!! WAAAH! Big big thanx to Koori-chan, who told me about a SAIYUKI GAME ON GBA!! So of course I downloaded it immediately, and it RULZ!! Screenshots here
And coming very soon, Gaiden images and profiles!! Eek, my bandwith is running out... >.<

Bwaha, I have a new fanfic up now (Misunderstood)! I've posted the entire thing up, and I ain't posting anymore than Chapter 1 on cuz I'm stingy. XD

Merry New Year!! Merry New Year full of yaoi guys... :D Anyhoo, back to the whole point.
Everyone who has been wanting to get the Saiyuki Game, WAIT NO MORE!!!!! Now you can download it!! Go to the multimedia section and such...
Oh yeah, and from now on, all of my yaoi lemon fics are gonna be hosted here, cuz evil kicked my yaoi lemon off... *mutter*...

Whaa... ok, no Saiyuki game... angelfire took it off... >_< sorry! I feel so evil... but then that means I'll probably be chucking up mp3s today or something, unless AF take it off again...

Sign the Guestbook... please... and I'll put up the MP3s!

I finally got down to making the Gaiden profiles... and big thanx to Koori-chan, who supported me through all this... ^^ *hugglez for Koori-chan* I ain't putting up MP3s until at least another 4 people sign the guestbook!! *folds arms stubbornly*

WAHAHAHAHA! I finally got the Gaiden Pics up! All of you praise me! Oh yeah, and I'm still waiting for my 4 more guestbook entries... *taps foot*

Noooo... skool next week... ><
On a good note, my Saiyuki Reload eps work!! So all that downloading time didn't go to waste! Oh yeah, and Reload Eps = Screenshots! ^^ So now I have screenshots... enjoy!

Sorry about not updating sooner... new fanfics!! I see you all thinking 'So this is what she does...' Oh yeah, and no more mp3s. Cuz i read somewhere that the official mp3-downloading-is-illegal people thingys are scanning sites and removing mp3 pages and stuff... so why even bother putting it up when i know it's gonna be taken off anyway?

WHOO!!! More than 1000 hits!! o^___^o

Bla, I just realised that I never put a link up to my profile o.O;; CAMP TOMORROW!!! ><

Yes I'm alive, yes I survived camp. More than 2000 hits!! THANX PEOPLE!! *glompz*

Sorry I haven't updated for ages... >< Evil exams and the like... anyhoo, thanx for 4000 hits!! ^-^ New fanfiction from Zell. Oh yesh, and I've decided to not post any of my fanfics up here anymore (unless it's lemon) cuz it's taking up my bandwith and I have to go through and edit everything... >< So all me fanfics are at the website listed below.

I AM SO SORRY!!!! I haven't updated this site in ages, I know!! >< I'm in Singapore as I type this, but as soon as I get back, I SWEAR I'll have some goodies for everyone!! What goodies that may be I still don't know, but I have a Doujinshi in mind for all you shounen-ai fans ~.^ I'm thinking of a new poll question too!! ^_^ Please bear with me!! Thanx for the 6000 hits btw XD

*deep breath* Ok. I know half of you want to kill me. I don't have the goodies. >_< I'm trying to get everyone to tell me what they want (see poll) so if you vote, the ones with the most votes will get chucked up. I'm just waiting for 50 people to vote. But even before that happens, I'll probably do something. I just have to wait till skool finishes. Lousy skool... but this time, I SWEAR I will. Or else I won't watch Saiyuki for a week. Damn threats.
Anyhoo, on a better note... I only just realised this site has been around for over a year!! GO ME!! So, in addition to the pictures I'm chucking up, I'll be giving doujinshi. Shounen-ai, mind you. For the 39 / 58 fans. ^.^

Early Merry Xmas! I've got the goods. Here is the download page: CLICK HERE! ^^
Merry Xmas all! <3

Oh. My. Good. Sanzo. I haven't updated in... friggin' long. *sigh* Ok, I'm not going to make false promises anymore.
I'm an INCREDIBLY lazy person, and let's face it... I'm not going to be making any major major updates on the site for... quite a long time. I mean, currently, it's the school holidays, but HELL. They're friggin' busy. >_>;;
Another note: My obsession with Saiyuki has spawned into a freakish 'I LOVE SANZO X GOKU' spree. XDDD I understand that some people might not like that pairing, and I'm finding it hard to generalise some of the content on the site. SO... one day, I'll have a 393 site. And on that site... LOVE. XD Yes, I know... I had one before, but I (stupidly. VERY STUPIDLY) forgot the password. T_T Ah well.
Until next time!

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