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Yes, yes. The fan section of the website. I'm posting some of my own works up here for your (er...) convinience. :P No fanart, I can't draw!! THERE! I ADMITTED IT! ARE YOU HAPPY?!
So you can take a look if you want, but I should warn you that some of the stuff down there is R/NC-17.
So if you really don't want to be scarred for life, I suggest that you don't read any of the R/NC-17 stuff. If you do, you're doing so at your own risk...

If you want to SEND me fanfiction/fanart, send it to

1. I would really prefer yaoi. And, being the biased fangirl that I am, I don't really want any Sanzo x Lirin or Hakkai x Yaone cuz I HATE THEM! (Phew, I finally got that outta my system!)
2. Lemon fics are cool. So's angst. Just don't make it too angsty, so that in the end, I can be a happy, smiling fangirl.
3. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE make sure that your fanart is under 500 KB. I have hardly any bandwidth left...>.<

Understood? Good! Please start drawing/writing! ^^


My fics!
Your fics!
Your art!


Email me and add me to Msn!

Saiyuki is the property of Minekura Kazuya,
Enix, Saiyuki Project and TV Tokyo,
not this insane, crazy fangirl.
This is only a fansite, so
you can't sue me. :P