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Misc Pics 3


Goku and Gojyo

Complaining about each other
Gojyo getting pissed at Goku
Complaining about Hakkai and Sanzo
Is Goku getting worried about Gojyo?
Talking about Chin Yiso
Damn right!
Wearing cloaks, glaring at each other
The cowboy and the soldier
Getting freaked out! ^^
You can see Goku holding Sanzo in this one ^^
Goku talking about the hair color 'down there' :P
Gojyo cheating = Goku pissed off
LOL I love this one
Aww...kawaii! Gojyo's arm around Goku
Goku's advice
This is kawaii too! Gojyo holding Goku
Talking about Kou


Now here's the deal. If you want to use this on your site, please please PLEASE link back. Yes, and I know that some of these are used in the anime, but they were so cool that I couldn't resist... XD
I'll add more when I feel like it, ok?

Goku crying with happiness! Kawaii!
AWW! Little chibi RPG style Sanzo-ikkou vs Homura-taichi!! ^^
Homura vs Sanzo!! (AWW! Look at Sanzo!) ^^
Shien vs Sanzo!! (Shien looks so cute for some reason!!) ^^
Zenon vs Sanzo!! ^^ (note the kawaii xtra spikey hair!! ^^)
Shien vs Gojyo!! ^^ (NANI?! He's been KOd??!)
I dunno why, but I love this piccy... maybe cuz we get to see Sanzo's long, slender neck... XD
WHOO! A great moment in Sanzo x Goku history! Sanzo ruffles Goku's hair!


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