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B L A N K - C A N V A S

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Who am I?




Josefina in the birthday outfit I made her.

Cousin Kit is reading a map while Molly, Kirsten, Josefina and Kit wait.

The girls find a lovely stream where they stop to go fishing.

The girls are amazed at the size of these pine cones!

Resting a bit on some rocks. Perfect time for a portait.

A marshmallow roast is the best way to end the day outdoors.

Josefina and Kit love to do scrapbooking.


Which border to use? Kit asks Josefina what she thinks.

Click here to see the girls on the trampoline.

To see the new girl, click here.

The doll's mini Christmas Tree 2003.


Here is a photo of Laura in bed. She was sick so Josefina and Kit are trying to cheer her up.

Baby Coconut keeps jumping up trying to get Laura's water.

Kit is reading fun stuff from the Quiz book to cheer Laura up.