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Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum: Crossovers

Coming Soon! A Knight In Paradise

By Sandy Adams, copyright 2000
A Knight Rider/Magnum P.I. crossover. While on vacation in Hawaii, Michael Knight mysteriously vanishes. Can Magnum find him before it's too late?
Status: pending

Tour Of Duty

by Sandy Adams, copyright 1997-1999
Star Trek:TOS meets Gilligan's Island in this ReallyBadRadioPlays Production.
Captain Kirk deals with time travel, wayward space probes, court martial offenses, and nuclear powered coconuts (?!) in this wacky crossover. Written in script format.

Originally published in The Galileo 3, and The UFP Connection #??. Status: complete.


by Sandy Adams, copyright 1994-1999
Star Trek:TOS crossover with Original Dark Shadows
On a mining colony in deep space, Dr. McCoy encounters a lonely wanderer in this poignant vignette.

Originally published in Wolf Tracks # , The UFP Connection # , and The Collective Zine # .
Status: complete.


The Path Not Taken

A Quantum Leap/DS91 story by Sandy Adams, copyright 1997-99
Can Sam Beckett prevent Willie Loomis from unleashing an ancient evil on Collinsport?

Previously published in Inside The Old House and The Collective Zine.
Status: complete.

NEW! The Beating Of Her Wings

A Forever Knight--Sandman (Vertigo Comic series by Neil Gaiman)crossover.
by Sandy Adams, copyright 1997-99
Nick Knight meets one of the Endless in this vignette.

Previously published in Knightbeat #8 .
Status: complete.

NEW! A Leap For A Knight

A Quantum Leap-Knight Rider crossover by Sandy Adams.
Sam Beckett Leaps into Michael Knight in order to save Devon Miles -- and the Foundation For Law And Government -- from an old enemy.
Status: Prologue,Chapters 1 & 2 uploaded; a work-in-progress.

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