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Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum: Knight Rider

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Coming Soon! A Knight In Paradise

By Sandy Adams, copyright 2000
A Knight Rider/Magnum P.I. crossover. While on vacation in Hawaii, Michael Knight mysteriously vanishes. Can Magnum find him before it's too late?
Status: pending

NEW! The Face Of The Enemy

By Sandy Adams, copyright 1999
A prelude to the televised episode "Goliath."
Status: complete. Revised 5/29/2000

Christmas Knight

By Sarah Stodola
Archived with the author's permission.
An unusual story, featuring a very different KITT...who is no longer a car, but a cyber-horse!
Status: complete.

A Leap For A Knight

A Quantum Leap/Knight Rider crossover by Sandy Adams.
Sam Beckett Leaps into Michael Knight in order to save Devon Miles -- and the Foundation For Law And Government -- from an old enemy.
Status: Work-in-Progress

A Snowy Knight

By Teresa Abbott
A Knight Rider story set at the end of the first season, after "Short Notice" and before "Goliath".
Status: Work-in-progress. Archived off-site.

Coming Soon!

Another Knight

By Sandy Adams
An "alternate universe" Knight Rider story.
What if Michael Long had died on the operating table?

Dark Knights

By Sandy Adams
A Knight Rider/Forever Knight crossover. An old enemy lures Michael to Toronto.

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