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Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum: Star Trek

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Top Ten Lists from Federation Space...
By Sandy Adams
Status: complete

**** All the stories below are part of a series by Rudlls 2000 and are archived elsewhere.

Part One

of a series about the next ship to bear the famous name.
By Rudlls 2000
These are the voyages of the new starship Enterprise.....
Status: complete (archived off-site)

Part Two

A new ship is launched...the Enterprise F, her first mission is to secure DS9, but troubles are coming... the Dominion.
Status: complete (archived off-site)

Part Three

After the victorious battle returns the Enterprise to DS9, but the Threat of Dominion is no longer the number one... BORG are back...
Status: complete (archived off-site)

Part Four

This is the first contact with the Borg. The Enterprise always wins...but who knows...
Status: complete (archived off-site)

Part Five

After the defeat of the Borg cube, everything is calm...but not for long. It seems the Borg have something Big planned. The Earth is in direct danger represented by a Borg cube in high orbit...or is everything somehow other?
Status: complete (archived off-site)

End Rudlls Enterprise F Series

Tour Of Duty

by Sandy Adams, copyright 1995-1999
Star Trek:TOS meets Gilligan's Island in this 'ReallyBadRadioPlays Production' (parody).
Captain Kirk deals with time travel, wayward space probes, court martial offenses, and nuclear powered coconuts (?!) in this wacky crossover. Written in script format.

Status: completely uploaded (12/01/99)
Previously published in The Galileo 3, and The UFP Connection.


by Sandy Adams, copyright 1994-1999
Star Trek:TOS crossover with Original Dark Shadows
On a mining colony in deep space, Dr. McCoy encounters a lonely wanderer in this poignant vignette.

Status: fully uploaded
Previously published in Wolf Tracks, The UFP Connection, and The Collective Zine.

Farewell Song For A Starship Captain

A Star Trek:TOS poem by Sandy Adams
copyright 1983-1999
Previously published in "Space Shot," "The UFP Connection," and "The Galileo 3."
Status: fully uploaded

Conquering The Cube

by Sandy Adams, copyright 1983-1999
Star Trek:TOS
What happens when Kirk and company encounter a little plastic toy from the '80s? Mayhem, that's what! If you ever wanted to exact revenge on Rubik's Rotating Nightmare, this is the story for you!

Status: completely uploaded
Originally published in Space Shot #4, Orion #36, & The UFP Connection.

The Captain's Day Off

by Sandy Adams
A Star Trek story featuring the captain and crew of the USS Paragon, an original ship created by the members of The UFP Connection.
This is a humorous look at a very bad 'day in the life' of starship captain Tricia Robinson.
Status: Completely uploaded.

The One

By Sandy Adams
A "missing scene" from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Status: complete.