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Greetings !! I am Jric and I will be your guide for this site. Here are some of my personal favorite links. Please come and visit them.


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My Hometown ladies Wrestling DUNE

33/40 Radar J Story Information Super Highway

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My Favorite Pages

My Fortune City Home Page
Leopard Girl's Home Page
Razor Raven's Home Page
KoRn2000 Home Page
Search for E.T. @ Home !
Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets
Sable Online !
Torrie Wilson Home Page
Loco Wrestling !
Julie Bell & Boris Homepage
Birmingham Local Links
The X ! In B'ham
City of Birmingham, AL


The Zodiac
Read Your Daily Horoscope

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My Fantasy Page
My Fantasy Page


Other Cool Sites

Latest Wrestling News
The Women of Wrestling
Lady Sports
Gaelic Culture Page
The Matrix in Birmingham
Cool DUNE Site
Get Wild !
Reunite with friends
Online Dictionary
Frank Herbert


It Ain't Easy Being the Champ !

Stone Cold bleeding

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