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Welcome to the unofficial official KoRn web site. I hope u like this site, I just thRew it together in my spaRe time. E-mail me oR sign my guestbook and tell me what u think about my page.

Parental Advisory
KoRn Rox
Parental Advisory

KoRn is the Koolest Heavy Metal band. Their a big hit with their three top selling cd's KoRn KoRn, KoRn Life is Peachy, And KoRn Follow the Leader! They are currently working on a new cd, I don't know the name of it, but it will be on here with lyrics and tab's when it comes out. Any ideas for this website would be VERY helpfull, so e-mail me, or sign my guestbook and tell me!!!

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This website is cuRRently undeR constRuction and moRe improved stuff will be added as soon as possible.

website under construction

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Signed cd cover

This is one of KoRn's big hit cd's, if u don't have it buy it!!!


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