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Updated 8/14/99

Women are a huge part of professional wrestling, & have been for over half a century! Whether it has been in actual combat, as managers, or as valets providing ringside distraction, there is no denying that females have made, and will continue to make, their mark on this business.
Who can ignore the great female athletes that have graced the pro ring circuit through the years simply because women's wrestling is undergoing a slump on the North American continent.
Here we WON'T ignore today's, as well as those of yesteryear, gorgeous & vicious wrestlers, managers, & valets that turn male heads ! Click the button of your group choice & Enjoy !!

Sable @ Nitro
Where has Sable been lately ?
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Tina Ferrari

Ivory is the current Queen of the WWF !

women of the WWF

Brandi Alexander dominates Mona

Women's Wrestling is Back !

Women of WCW

Tammy Lynn

Let some Hardcore Sunshine in !

Women of ECW

Sue Green punishes Reggie Bennett
Lady Sports Wrestling

Southern Hellcats



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