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Little Bit Of Ireland

By now most of you know that I'am Irish

And Very Proud Of That .In the next pages

you will be able to have a small look into

the Irish ways ,and I know me talking gailic

gets you to scratchin your head so ,just for

you I'am putting in some bits & pieces

So on that St.Paddys day you can be

one with the Irish .Enjoy ***Clio***

The one thing you can't seam to do is

walk in an Irish pub and not have

a "craic" good time so i thought we would

start the page with a good old Irish tune to get your toes a tapin along the way.



Seven Old Ladies

Chorus:Oh dear what can the matter be?

Seven old ladies locked in the lavatory They were there from Sunday to Saturday. Nobody knew they were there.

They said they were going to chat with the Vicar.They went in together they thought it was quicker. The lavatory door was a bit of a sticker.And the Vicar had tea alone.

The first was a wife of the Deacon of Dover. Always was known as a bit of a rover. She passed out in the ladies napkin disposal. And nobody knew they were there.

The next old lady was dear Mrs. Bickles. Found herself in a bit of a pickle. Locked out of the stalls for she hadn't a nickel And nobody knew they were there.

The next was the Bishop of Chichester's daughter. She couldn't wait so she used the basin.Unaware it was the basin a pope had washed his face in. And nobody knew they were there.

The next old lady was Abigail Humphery. Who settled in and made herself comfy.Tried to get up but couldn't get her bum free. And nobody knew they were there.

The next old lady was Elizibeth Spender. Was doing all right 'til her vagrant suspender. Got all twisted up in her feminine gender.And nobody knew they were there.

The last was a lady named Jennifer Tripp. She couldn't wait, couldn't wait to get started.But when she sat down she only farted And nobody knew they were there.

THE SEA AROUND US (Domenick Behan)

They say that the lakes of Killarney are fair

That no stream like the Liffey can ever compare, If it's water you want, you'll find nothing more rare

Than the stuff they make down by the ocean.

The sea, oh the sea is the gradh geal mo croide*

Long may it stay between England and me

It's a sure guarantee that some hour we'll be free Oh, thank God we're surrounded by water.

Tom Moore made his "Waters" meet fame and reknown A great lover of anything dressed in a crown In brandy the bandy old Saxon he'd drown But throw ne'er a one in the ocean.

The Scots have their Whisky, the Welch have their speech And their poets are paid about tenpence a week

Provided no hard words on England they speak Oh Lord, what a price for devotion.

The Danes came to Ireland with nothing to do But dream of the plundered old Irish they slew, "Yeh will in yer vikings" said Brian Boru And threw them back into the ocean.

Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join Each wanting his head on the back of a coin; If the Irish had sense they'd drowned both in the Boyne And partition thrown into the ocean.

Waxies Dargel

Says my aul one to your aul one Will yeh come to the waxies dargel Says my aul one to your aul one Sure I haven't got a farthing I've just been down to Monto Town To see young Kill McArdle But he wouldn't lend me half a crown to go To the waxies dargle

Chorus: What are you have'in will you have a pint I'll have a pint with you sir And if one of you doesn't order soon We'll be thrown out of the Boozer

Say my aul one to your aul one Will you come to the Galaway Races Says your aul onse to my aul one With the price of my aul lad's braces I went down to Chapel street To the 'ol money lender But he wouldn't give me A couple of bob on My aul lad's red suspenders


Says my aul one to your aul one We have no beef or mutton But if we go down to Monto town We might get a drink for nuttin Here's a piece of advise I got from an old fish monger When the food is scarce And you see the hearse You'll know you died of hunger


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