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Museums in Alexandria

Museum of Fine Arts

Houses collections of art works, in painting, sculpture, and architecture. Exhibitions by contemporary artists are often held there. Furthermore, the museum organizes the Alexandria Biennial, where art from Mediterranean countries is displayed.

Menasha St., Moharram Bek - Tel. +20-3-3936616

From 9 am To 1 pm

From 5 pm To 9 pm

Graeco-Roman Museum

Houses many collections of rare Greek and Roman relics and coins - about 40 thousand valuable pieces, from the Third Century B.C. to the Seventh Century AD. The "Tanagra" statues are one of the priceless treasures to be seen in the museum. The museum also houses the pieces recovered in 1995 at the Lighthouse site.

5, El Mathaf St. - Tel. +20-3-4876434 - Fax. +20-3-4865820

From 9 am To 5 pm

The National Museum of Alexandria

This museum contains 1800 monumental pieces representing Alexandria's history.

110, El Horreya St. - Tel. +20-3-4835519

From 9 am To 5 pm

Hydrobiological Museum

Houses a rare collection of fish and other marine species in Egyptian waters.

Anfoushy - Tel. +20-3-4807140 / 4807138

From 9 am To 2 pm

Naval Museum

The 15th Century fort, built in the mediaeval style, houses the naval museum, preserving Alexandria's naval heritage.

Anfoushy - Tel. +20-3-

From 9 am To 2 pm

Palace of Royal Jewelries

Established in the Palace of Princess Fatma El-Zahraa ( built in 1919 ), it is an architectural masterpiece. Its rooms and halls contain rare paintings, statues and decorations, windows in Italian art-nouveau stained glass, as well as a priceless collection of jewels of the Mohamed Ali dynasty, all are invaluable and rare pieces.

Zizinia - Tel. +20-3-5828348

From 9 am To 5 pm

Mahmoud Saeid Museum

This museum contains different pieces belonging to Mahmoud Saeid, Adham Wanly, Seif Wanly and others.

6, Mahmoud Saeid st., Gianaklis - Tel. +20-3-5841600 - Fax. +20-3-5851245

From 8 am To 5 pm

Kavafis Museum

This museum is situated in the house of the Greek poet Kustantine Kavafis.

Sharm El Sheikh st., Ramleh Station

From 10 am To 3 pm

El Alamein Museum

This museum houses specimens of the weapons used in World War II, charts of the troop movements, and statues of the generals planning El-Alamein battle.

El Alamein, Alexandria - Matrouh Road

From 9 am To 2 pm

Rommel Museum

Rommel's Hideout. This cave has been carved out of the rock, and was a very solid and safe shelter for the German General as he drew up his plans of battle.

Rommel Beach, Matrouh

From 9 am To 2 pm

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