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Beaches in Alexandria


Alexandria is distinguished by its numerous sandy beaches. Driving from east to west they are: El-Maamoura, El-Montaza, El-Mandarra, El-Asafra, Miami, Sidi Bishr, San Stefano, Glym, Stanley Bay, Rushdy, Sidi Gaber, Cleopatra, Sporting, El-Ibrahimia and El-Shatby. All these beaches stretch along the Cornice.

Abu Kir: This suburb lies at the eastern boundaries of the city. This is one of the calmest beaches in all Alexandria, and is excellent for fishing .

El-Agami: These suburbs ( Bitash and Hanoville ) lie at the western boundaries of the city. These are famous for their white soft sandy beaches, transparent clear waters, and beautiful climate.

El-Montaza Palace beaches: this area includes several natural bays and five of Alexandria's beat beaches.. Aida, Cleopatra, Semiramis, Venisia and Palestine Hotel private Beach. There is also a scuba diving center.

Northern Coast

Egypt is renowned for its beautiful summer resorts. The coastline along the Mediterranean stretches for some 815 kilometers from Port Said until Sollum, all distinguished by the warm all-year round sun, long sandy beaches, as well as the wide assortment and variety in fishes of all sizes and colours.

Sidi Kreir Beach: It is a 3 kilometers long private beach which lying about 34 kilometers west of Alexandria. A model tourist village and casino were established there recently.

Marakeya tourist village: It lies About 52 kilometers from Alexandria, and is considered the largest tourist village on the northern coast. The village comprises chalets, villas, flats, and is equipped with all amenities for relaxation and pleasure.

El-Alamein: It is distinguished by the calm and quiet which prevail on it, and it was described by the late Sir Winston Churchill as having " The most beautiful climate in the world !

Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh is a very small port on the Mediterranean, but it is reputed to be among the most beautiful beaches in the world. The 7km long beach is distinguished by its soft white sand, and calm azure waters. The wide bay is almost land-locked by a series of rock and reef, with just a very narrow opening for boats to pass through.

Cleopatra's Bath: This is carved out of a rock about 50 yards of the shore.

Ageeba Beach: It means "wonderful", and this is indeed a wonderful beach about 28 km. west of Marsa Matruh. It is distinguished by its wonderful natural caves and scenery.


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