Family information and history

Dora Spencer - My niece who is Miss Top of the World in Barrow, Alaska 2004

Nanauq Genealogy Tech - Owned by Corinne McDonnell. To serve those who need further assistance in searching their family.

Flossie Spencer - Her famous recipe cookies made in the Anchorage Daily Newspaper

Smethurst and Selepack - History, Search, Information - Immgrated from England and Czechoslovakia - my Grandparents.

Spencer and DeMille - History of the LDS Spencers and partial information on DeMille - My Grandparents of Utah

Ikey Bolt - Ikey Bolt goes to Canada marries Etna Klengenberg, takes over his father-in-law Christian Klengenberg's trading post in Canada

Richard Bolt - Ikey Bolt's brother Richard Bolt delivers mail to small villages in Arctic Circle of Alaksa and marries Anne Kullaluk Aimak

Iva Bolt - Corinne Spencer's mother

Christian Klengenberg (Jorgensen) - A white man learns to live and survive the Arctic taught by his wife Gremnia from Pt. Hope, Alaska 1894-1931. He knew Charles D. Brower and Diamond Jenness

A tiny information on American Natives

According to Schroeder, the high prevalence of this gene marker among native populations of North and South America - and its absence in most of Asia - lends strong support to the idea that Native Americans can trace their ancestry to a common founding population. The 9RA mutation probably occurred in an ancestral population located at the eastern edge of Siberia, which subsequently migrated over the Bering land bridge, Schroeder says (watch how the land bridge was gradually submerged as see levels rose). There may have been multiple migrations from this founding population, occurring thousands of years apart, she adds. "How many times did people cross the Bering land bridge? That would be a very difficult question to answer," says Jeffrey Long at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US, who contributed to the new study. Other experts have previously suggested that Native Americans do not share a common ancestry because of the linguistic and dental differences among populations. Journal reference: Biology Letters (DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2006.0609)