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"Chibi Seiya's" First Web Page Ever!!!

Welcome to where you can find info on Sailormoon/Sailorstars, Utena, other anime and...ME!!!

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Ugh...isn't that an AWFUL pic?? That's not even my hat! I look horrible!! hehehe! ^_^ The only reason I like it is because it is soooooo CORNY!!! I am better looking in real life! honest!! :) I hope to soon have info about me, more pics of me and my friends (both RL and internet friends) and just a more interesting website in general! Anywho, here are links to other areas of my site!

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UPDATE!!! See Updates & Coming Soon... for newest info!

Want to know about me? Check out these pages!

All about me and my friends!


Sailormoon & other Anime!!

Sailormoon & Sailorstars Galleries!
Sailormoon & Anime Stuff I Own!
Utena (under construction, but viewable)
Phoenix (under construction, but viewable)

Want more info or want to know where to buy anime, toys, etc.?
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Links Page!!!

Want to know the latest updates and a preview of whats still to come? Click on the link below!

Updates & Coming Soon...

Need help with sailormoon or utena? Looking for something specific(pic, info, merchandise, etc.)? I probably know where to find it! Feel free to e-mail me and ask!


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