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My Favourite Links

Sailor Chibi Chibi will pray for your safe arrival at these sites...

Links for info and more!!!

Hitoshi Doi's

Your #1 guide to the anime & manga internet world!

So, you wanna do some shopping ...


Sailormoon Fansubber!

VKLL has "Sailor Stars" and "Ami's First Love"(SuperS special)

(also has other anime)

Sailormoon fansub distributor!

Starbase has "Sailormoon"
(1st season), "R", "S" & "SuperS" subbed!!
(has other anime too)

Anime Nation is one of the BEST sites to buy anime, manga, CDs, etc.

(I order from them a lot.)

Amazon is GREAT for DVD, VHS, and books!

Psymanga -- Ulta Big Manga Site

FREE anime e-mail:

Utena Mail
Sailormoon Mail
Super Sailormoon Mail
Sailor Soldier Mail
Rayearth Mail

Need info on sailormoon or utena?
Looking for something specific (pic, info, merchandise, etc.)?
I probably know where to find it!
Feel free to e-mail me and ask!