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My Personal Collection of Stuff!!

Be afraid! You are about to see how truly obsessed I am! hehehe :)


I own the following:

  • All of Sailor Moon (1st year) VHS subbed
  • most of Sailormoon R VHS subtitled (eps 73-89)
  • all of Sailormoon S (eps 90-127) on DVD
  • all of Sailormoon SuperS (eps 128-166) VHS subtitled
  • all of Sailor Stars (eps 167-200) VHS subtitled
  • Sailormoon R (The Movie) on DVD
  • Sailormoon S (The Movie) on DVD
  • Sailormoon SuperS (The Movie) on VHS subtitled
  • the SuperS Ami special (subtitled)
  • Utena Vol 1-2 (subtitled)
  • Fushigi Yuugi Vol 1 (subtitled)
  • The End of Evangelion (subtitled)
  • My neighbour Totoro (english)
    I also have Magic Knight Rayearth and others that I will soon list. I will get pics of all these videos on my site soon!!!

    Anime CD's

    I have A LOT of CD's! Click on the links to see pics of them.

    Sailormoon CD's

    Sailormoon Memorial Music Box
    This is probably one of my most prized possesions! Its a 10-CD box set featuring BGM from all 5 seasons of Sailormoon, BGM from the 3 movies, as well as BGM from the SuperS Ami-chan special. Besides BGM, it also has TV-sized op and end songs, instrumental and karaoke versions of songs, as well as ALOT of sound effects from the show! (lockets, wands, etc.) For more info on this CD, (or any Sailormoon CD) check out the siteThe Complete Sailormoon CD List

    Sailormoon SuperS Music Collection
    This is a collection of BGM from Sailormoon Supers. It also has the full-length versions of Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips version) and Rashiku Ikimasho. I love it because it has the Dead Moon Circus theme on it! This is also the ONLY CD where u can find the BGM to each of the inner senshi's individual Crystal Power Make-Up transformations.

    Sailormoon Sailorstars Best Song Collection
    This is good CD, but the next one in the list is best! This CD has most of the songs you'd find in the series. There are two versions of this CD, for more info on the two version, again, go visit Complete Sailormoon CD List.
    The version I own is the SM (Son May) one.

    Sailor Moon ~Sailor Moon World~ Super Best
    This is an amazing CD!!! It has all the best songs from all 5 seasons as well as the 3 feature films!!! Anyone who is a true Sailormoon fan needs this CD!!!

    Evangelion CD's

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 1
    This is a really good CD!!! It contains the full-length version of the opening and ending themes, as well as alot of the BGM!

    The End of Evangelion
    This is the soundtrack to the film "End of Evangelion" ... has alot of good music on it, including my fav, "Komm, süsser Tod"

    Evangelion: The Day of Second Impact
    This is sort of a "best of" collection, and does have alot of good music on it. It's a limited edition CD.


    Sailormoon Manga & Art Books

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon #1-18 (mangas)
    These are the original Sailormoon mangas by Naoko Takeuchi. There are 18 in total...and I own them all! hee hee :)

    Codename is Sailor V #1-3 (mangas)
    These are what started it all! The original Sailor Senshi, Sailor V! These laid the ground work for the Sailor Moon series. There are only 3 volumes to the Sailor V saga before she became Sailor Venus. You gotta love her glasses... :)

    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume 1
    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume 2
    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume 3
    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume 4
    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume 5
    These hardcover books are collections of original artwork by the creator of Sailormoon, Naoko Takeuchi. There is one book for each storyline from the manga. As far as I know, Volumes 1-4 are no longer in print making them collectors items.

    Sailormoon Illustration Collection Volume Infinity
    Now, I don't actually own this book, but thought I would include it anyway. It's Sailormoon art done by other famous manga artists, such as the creator of Fushigi Yuugi, Ah! My Goddess!, etc. It was releases when Naoko Takeuchi ended the Sailormoon series, and has alot of personal messages from people who worked on the manga and anime, such as the voice actresses. This is a VERY RARE book, if you find one, you are extremely lucky. I have seen it being sold on the internet for as much as $300 U.S.