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Muslim Paintball Games of Kentucky, USA

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Brothers who get down!!!

Status of Events

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Welcome to the home page for the Muslim Paintball Games of Kentucky, USA. Take a look at our Schedule page for a look at upcoming and recent events.

Established August 99'.  This will, Insha Allah, be an ongoing event that is open to any Muslim(s) who wishes to join us.  For now all games, unless otherwise posted, will occur at Derby City Paintball located at 4737 Blevins Gap Road, Louisville, KY.  If the place of engagement changes this change will be posted on this page or on our schedule page with the listed event. 

Below is a list of upcoming events as well as some pictures of the "Brothers who get down!!!"  Whenever we publish an article, have a paintball tournament, or are planning an outing for the brothers, we'll put a notice here.  As we stated before, the games are open to all brothers.  Just hit one of us with an email so that we can plan accordingly.  If anybody wants to be included in the pics just email me a picture with your name and email and we'll get you on our site.  Feel free to link this site at will, tell your friends, and come join the fun.

August 29, 1999

  • Weekly paintball game at Derby City Paintball.  An update of this event can be accessed from our Status page.

September 5, 1999

  • Weekly paintball game at Derby City Paintball


Abdul-Qaadir al-Mujahid

Yahya Abu-Zakariyyah

Muhammad Qasim

Umar Abdul-Malik Shareef




Mika'eel Estes

Khithr Abdul-Mateen


Abdul-Qaadir al-Mujahid                                             Yahya Abu-Zakariyyah

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Network Analyst, Humana                                                                 Network Analyst, Humana,,

Muhammad Qasim                                                            Umar Abdul-Malik Shareef

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Mika'eel Estes

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