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Muslim Paintball Games of Kentucky, USA

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Brothers who get down!!!

Tribute to Islam in West Africa

This page contains a list of scheduled and recent events.


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September 12, 1999

Taking place on the 83 acre woodland owned by Derby City Paintball, located at 4737 Blevins Gap Road.

Cost: $20

This gets you a Devastator Paintball gun, 100 rounds of paintballs, CO2 fill-up, and face mask. If you waste all of those rounds on trees instead of targets you can purchase more paintballs and CO2 from The Wolfman, the owner, for varying prices. The smallest amount of paintballs you can purchase is 100 rounds for $5, and the greatest amount is 2500 paintballs for $90. Extra CO2 is $1 per fill-up. Each fill-up is good for 500 rounds.

Time: 10am, Sunday, 12th of September

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***All interested brothers will meet at the Islamic Center at 1715 S. 4th St. between 9:30am and 10:30am. From Here we will proceed to the place of engagement. Not for the weak at heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Abdul-Qaadir with any questions: 342-3834 pager

580-2738 work


I’ll shoot you later!!!

Brothers who showed up for the first battle:

Abdul-Qaadir al-Mujahid (straight to the dome), Umar Abdul-Malik Shareef (the flag-bearer), Abu-Khalil (teammate shot’em in the back), Muhammad Qasim (man with all the ammo), Yahya (right-hand man), Abdur-Noor (soft-skin), Muhammad (hyper)


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