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For our customers safety and savings we have provided the following special report, for you because we care.

Free Report for 1980 & Newer Car Owners

What is the cost of extending a helping hand?


Winter has arrived and the season brings out the best and the worst we have to offer our fellow man.  Every where you go during the Alaska winter you see people giving other people jump starts.  Doing it wrong could cost you.                     


  • Here in Alaska we usually carry a set of jumper cables to help our neighbor out when we discover them broken down or when they are trying to get to work and their car won't start.

  • 1980 and newer cars are run by computers.  What happens to computers when they receive a power surge?  That's right, smoke and ashes!!

  • Some cars have computer brain boxes that cost as much as $8000.00, a jump start could turn that into smoke and ashes.

  • Lending a helping hand is a great thing to do and can be done safely if you follow these simple procedures.


1) Shut down your car.

2) Connect the jumper cables to the battery in the car you are assisting.

3) Connect the jumper cables to your battery.

4) Start your car and let it run for 5 minutes, this will allow ample time for their dead battery to take a starting charge.

5) Turn off your car.

6) Have them start their car, if their car  starts disconnect the cables and suggest they go to a repair shop for further checks.  If their car does not start, it has further problems and a jump is not going to solve the problem.

Do you drive a diesel or have a diesel motor in your boat?  What do you do when it won't start on these cold winter days?

Call your mechanic!  It will save you NO! DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID ON A DIESEL!

Using starting fluid on a high compression diesel engine could cost you your life when/if it explodes.  Using just a tiny amount one time will crack the heads, resulting in very noisy operation.

Unlike gasoline engines, diesels run by compression, no spark source is required other than glow plugs for starting on some models.  The majority of marine diesels have no ignition source at all.

What about New Cars and their fuel injection systems?  Things have changed.

Did you know 1995 and newer gasoline powered fuel injected engines will not take kindly to fuel additives to clean the fuel injectors.  The only safe fuel additive for these cars is HEET for water removal.  Using fuel injection cleaner additives in your fuel tank in these 1995 and newer cars will get you a quick trip to your mechanic.

What about talking on your cell phone while filling your gas tank?  Safe or not?

I just drove into a gas station and saw someone filling their car while talking on their cell phone, made my hair stand up.  It wasn't long ago I read an insurance report about a gas station explosion and fire caused by a cell phone.  Maybe that is why they post signs in highway construction areas saying that they are blasting.  The signs tell you not to use any transmitting devices in the blasting area.  Please turn off your cell phone when servicing your car, they are very powerful little transmitters.

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