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Welcome to our new DraganFly Product Line.  We are pleased to announce Good Humor Balloons in the Mendenhall Center is your exclusive local retailer for these wonderful and exciting products.

DI3CHS                                                              DI3CHB NOW AVAILABLE - 52"3  AMAZING 38" 3 CHANNEL                   CHANNEL FULLY PROPORTIONAL BLIMP FULLY PROPORTIONAL FLYING                   Product # DI3CHB ONLY $297 plus shipping.
SAUCER Product # DI3CHS 

ONLY $277 plus shipping.

3CHS Diagram 3CHS Race

  36" 2 CHANNEL FLYING SAUCER                   52" 2 CHANNEL BLIMP
Product # DI36S                                                                                     Product # DI52B 
ONLY $57
plus shipping.                                                                             ONLY $77 plus shipping.

DI36S                                                                                                        DI52B

2 Channel Controller

Product # DI38D Price: $27 (USD) plus shipping.

DI38DDI38D Diagram 

Product # DI3CHV Price: $1037 (USD) plus shipping.


The ingenious 3 Channel Flying Saucer with wireless video camera - another winner from DraganFly. The 3 channel "Big Brother" saucer is propelled by a specially designed 3 motor fan unit. Built into the lightweight plastic housing, provisions are made for a micro video camera and 900 mhz transmitter to take "eye in the sky" aerial views. Check out the review of our saucer in the November 1998 issue of Popular Mechanics (page 48)

Product # DI72S Price: $1597 (USD) plus shipping.

DI72SDI72S GondolaNew Controller

DI72S Arrow Diagram

Promote your business to the max at tradeshows and dazzle the crowds at Millennium parties. Our 6.75 foot saucer reaches speeds of up to 15 mph and is very agile. Each 6.75 saucer is professionally built.

WANTED - Test pilots for our amazing high performance 6 foot Remote Controlled Flying Saucer! If you want your business to get noticed or if you have uncontrollable urges to spoil yourself, this is the unit to buy. You won't be sorry!


Product # DI96S Call for Price plus shipping.

D196S8ft Flying SaucerAt a Trade ShowNew Controller

We are proud to introduce our newest high performance 8-Foot Flying Saucer, The Summit. Only after years of experimenting, we have the most sophisticated Flying Saucer Airship in the world. The Summit has the capacity to carry a color micro video camera, coupon Bomb drops, extra lights and banner space! This airship is the answer to any company's Guerrilla marketing campaign. Equipped with stronger motors (4) in total, increasing maneuverability.

The envelope is made with a durable (white vinyl) material that accepts computer cut graphics. Since we are the manufacturer of all our products you can expect the finest quality and workmanship. Draganfly Innovations travels the world to fly this and other amazing flying machines.  Large arena blimps are nice but just imagine the attention a HUGE flying saucer will receive. It turns heads everywhere!


DIBOT - The Flybot!DIBOT - A closer look at the Flybot...DIBOT - A detail of the Skybot Command CentreDIBOT - Second Look At The Flybot!

The Skybot requires all the skills needed in real interactive flight!

Every so often there comes a product that captures the imagination of young and old alike. The Skybot does just that! It's a flying robot resembling a futuristic helicopter that defies the laws of gravity. The Skybot is manufactured by a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine with 95% of the parts being high-grade aluminum. The Skybot resembles the popular VERTIBIRD toy of the 70's and 80's but with much higher performance and sophistication.

How does it work and what does it do?

The electric helicopter has a main rotor that spins 0-12000 RPM and is able to pitch (tilts) plus and minus 30 degrees. This amazing helicopter travels around a 64" diameter circle and a hand held control box controls the altitude, speed, and pitch of the helicopter.

A variety of maneuvers including take offs, landings, hovering, and most fun of all, the transporting of metal objects via an electromagnetic mechanism built onto the Skybot. Yes! You can even pick up other objects using the Skybot hook. It's the ultimate skill testing game that will put you at the edge of your pilots seat, "Skybot" seat that is!

Includes: DraganFly Innovations Inc. guarantees the highest with this product! It is so beautiful that some people even hang it on the wall as a technology showpiece! These units are built in limited quantities and are truly a prized possession. Order yours today and own the machine of a lifetime!

Product # DI34SA

DI34SA - Draganfly's Super Aviator RTF!DI34SA ControllerDI34SA ChargerThe DI34SA in action! Your dog will love it! 

Price: $177 (USD) plus shipping.

Did your daddy tell you R/C airplanes were expensive?

Draganfly's Super Aviator RTF (ready-to-fly) allows new R/C pilots to experience the thrills of electric-powered flight without investing a lot of cash! Completely built, the Super Aviator requires no tools or glue for assembly and is ready for flight within a few minutes of opening the box. Produced from durable yet lightweight materials, the Super Aviator is made with the strength needed by new pilots.

The 34" wingspan and "Cessna-like" design provide a stable, easy-to-control airplane, while the included 3 channel 72 MHz transmitter features controls for variable speed, rudder and elevator in the traditional "Mode 2" format appreciated by R/C club instructors. Because it's electric, the Super Aviator can be flown in areas off-limits to larger, fuel-powered models! A rechargeable 8.4 volt battery pack and automatic 12 volt DC peak charger provide the necessary power for clean, quiet and enjoyable flights. The Super Aviator contains an auto-cutoff circuit that automatically reduces power to the motor when the battery pack nears the end of its charge, while leaving ample reserve radio power for gliding and a successful landing.

A comprehensive owners manual guides you step by step through final assembly, pre-flight checks and first flights. If you've hesitated to try R/C because you thought it was too expensive, think again. Flight School has never been more affordable! The Super Aviator requires no tools or glue for final assembly and is ready for flight within minutes of opening the box.

Accessories Available:

Product # DI48B2 - Price: $227 (USD) plus shipping.

DI48B2 - Stealth!DI48B2 ControllerDI48B2 Charger

Why spend a billion dollars when you can fly for much less?

The DraganFly Innovations Inc. B-2 stealth takes the thrills and excitement of radio-controlled flight to a new dimension. The sleek, futuristic shape easily makes the B-2 the most recognizable aircraft in the world today. The advanced design of this large 48 inch wingspan model provides maximum maneuverability for incredible flying fun.

Easily assembled in minutes without tools or glue, the B-2 is suited for both new and advanced pilots. Easily hand launched, the B-2 flies for up to 10 minutes before safely landing on any flat surface. A quiet, powerful Mabuchi electric motor drives the B-2's propeller through a precision gearbox unit, while the pro-style transmitter directs variable speed and flight control functions. The advanced R/C System provides solid control of the model at distances up to one half mile away! The B-2 requires no tools or glue for final assembly and is ready for flight within minutes of opening the box.

Includes: Accessories available:

Product # DI4KEY - Price: $597 (USD) plus shipping.

DI4KEYDI4KEY Controller (Keyence)

This amazing saucer makes the perfect executive gift for the person who has everything. It is a work of art and flies great. Includes; The mini helicopter is more difficult to fly than the draganflyer and is equipped with a 7.2 volt Nicad battery. Flight time is approximately 1.5 minutes . Because of its ultra light weight design (3 ounces), it is designed to fly indoors only. The Draganflyer helicopter has more practical applications than this micro-heli. Comes with tether cord for longer flights.

Product # DI4EH - Price: $697 (USD) plus shipping.

Product # DI4EH - Price: $697 (USD)
plus shipping.
DI4EHDI4EH Circuit BoardNew ControllerDI4EH Controller Diagram

DI4EH Technical DiagramDI4EH ChargerFlying the DI4EH

The absolute ultimate in Remote Controlled vehicles - probably the highest-tech flying machine in the world! Have you ever wanted something that came right out of a James Bond movie? Well now you can make this dream a reality with the Draganflyer saucer, the ultimate four rotor gyro-stabilized flying platform! This unique craft is delivered to you complete with a 4-channel remote control, fast charger, Nicad batteries and Draganflyer kit. This kit requires 3 to 4 hours assembly. An easy to read instruction manual with photos is also included.

Includes; DI4H Technical Diagram

How does it work?

The concept of the Draganflyer is really cool, and a lot of mixing takes place in the machines electronics with no servos required! Forward motion is accomplished by increasing the power to the rear rotor while simultaneously reducing the forward rotor by the same amount! The net result is no loss of lift, just a redistribution of thrust. Aft, left and right motion work in the same way.

Yaw command is the coolest! For instance, a left rotation yaw is accomplished by accelerating the two clockwise turning rotors while decelerating the counter-clockwise turning rotors. Because like-turning rotors are opposite each other, you get pure yaw motion with no unwanted pitch and roll! The micro piezo gyros will always try to keep the Draganflyer at the same altitude where you last positioned it. Do not expect them to be an auto pilot. They are accurately termed "stability augmentation systems".

Order your Draganflyer today! Because these helicopters are so unique, we only build 50 at a time and they are backordered often. If we have stock, your order will be shipped immediately. Otherwise, you will be placed on our waiting list which is on a first come, first serve basis. We will not charge your credit card until the day we ship.

Accessories available:

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