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Coaster Cool!

Coaster Cool! is undergoing it's first major expansion. In the past 2 days I made three new pages, Find the Coaster game, Coaster Play-by-Play, and the Coaster Greats. Check back often because by the end of the week I will have more than doubled the size of Coaster Cool! So sit back, hang on, and scream with Coaster Cool!

Contents of Coaster Cool

Contents of Coaster Cool!

Riverside Park and Cyclone
Great Escape Comet and coasters
Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Big Bad Wolf, and Alpengeist
Lakeside Park and Lakeside Cyclone
Trivia, Jumble, Links, Thoughts, and more!
The Brand Spankin' New 1998 Roller Coaster Center!
Click here to see my top ten coasters-in pictures!
Lost Coasters page
My new Coaster Play-by-play.
My new game- Find the Coaster!
See some of the world's great coasters, here!
Joyrides, probably THE best picture site you can find!