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Svoboda ili sm'rt !

Where is Bulgaria ?

This song is played by Radio "Free Europe" every day at the beginning of its emissions in Bulgarian.

Radio "Free Europe" is an independent radio because it is financed by the United States Congress - the institution on which depends everything, even the President of the United States.

That is why Radio "Free Europe" detests censored texts.

You can contact Radio "Free Europe" by e-mail or on RFE Bulgaria phones /+359 2/ 980 9293, 981 9900.

If you want to know more about Clinton-Stoyanov's mutual efforts to enhance cooperation in Southeast Europe, go there.

More - do you know that Stoyanov and Clinton are the only two Presidents to have presented to the public the U.S. Action Plan for Southeast Europe ? Or, do you know the names of the new "G4" ? If you don't, but want to, go there.

Then, you may proceed to next issues

What did the world think of the Bulgarians before the Berlin Treaty
We looked like this before the Bulgarian body was teared to pieces by
this treaty. Have you ever seen the devastated soul of a people ?
You will see why we deeply respect our past and long
to unite with our brothers in Macedonia.

Bulgarians are world leaders in national pride
You want to know why ? Follow the next links.

Why do Bulgarians exist on Earth
The true Bulgarian Evangile
Books about Macedonia
The site of IMRO

"Arhiv na Makedonija" and its "translation" of Goce Delchev in "Macedonian"
As you may see from the facsimile, they "translated" the text 'Pri tova az ne se vodja ot nichii instrukci'
with the partial 'Jas ne se vodam od nikakvi instrukcii'. They laid it before all to see.
No shame.

Forgive them, My Lord, they don't know what they are doing ...

A few words about ethnical self-determination
Bulgaria - the only country allied to Nazi Germany to have saved its Jews in WW II
Zapadnite Pokrajnini - Bibliografija
(Western Outlying Parts - a Bibliography)

Was Arthur D. H. Smith a pro-Sandanist ?

What does Kuzman Shapkarev -
a famous ethnologist, born on
February 1 1834 in Ochrid,
son-in-law and close friend
of Dimitar Miladinov,
think about:

Bulgarian and Macedonian language
The classics on that subject. Today, 130 years
later, we have nothing to add.

Bulgarians and their attitude towards the the Tatars
The ethnical composition of Aegean Macedonia
The nationality of Krali Marko
Bulgarian-Macedonian and Serbian interrelations
A Bulgarian-Macedonian Film Series at the Harvard Film Archive

Chestita pobeda, Makedonija !

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Last edited Jan. 16 1999