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Where is Bulgaria ?

According to Eusebius of Caesarea, the Father of Church history, in 325 AD it was already in Europe. More - it was there before all other proud members of the European Union even thought of settling in Europe.

You don't believe it ?

See below Eusebius'map, reproduced in a manuscript of St. Hieronimus, from the British Museum At the time of the First Church Council in Nicea (325 AD), the name Bulgaria ("mesia hec & vulgaria" on the map) was already a toponymic fact near the Danube river and the Black Sea. It never ceased to exist afterwards, be it Bulgarian kingdoms, a Byzantine province or a part of the Ottoman empire.

Despite all "European" efforts, we preserved our name and the Bulgarian state and people still exist. We are proud of our ancestors.

And we know why.

Bulgaria in Europe, 325 AD

Published in:

Dr. Cenov, Gancho: "Proizhod na Bylgarite i nachalo na Bylgarskata dyrjava i Bylgarskata cyrkva" - 1910 , Sofia ("Origin of the Bulgarian People and Beginning of the Bulgarian State and Church")

Dobrev, Peter: "Bylgari, tiurki, slaviani" - 1996, Ed. Ogledalo , Sofia ("Bulgarians, Turks, Slavs")

Indoeuropean etymology of the word "Bulgarian"

pal [sumerian] day, light
palku [sumerian] bright, wise
pala [sumerian] king's robe
blka, blku [anc. egyptian] king's throne
briku [akadian] bright
brigu, bårgu [sanskrit] bright, shining
balhara [sanskrit] dinasty of Indian kings (al-Biruni)
blo [tibetan] spirit, light
blokar [tibetan] wise, spiritual
blångar [celtic] governing, remarkable
balgayr [celtic] bright, shining
blogar [celtic] shining heads
bårk [pamir] brightness, greatness, glory
barh [caucasian] Sun
bålk [talish] brightness
bålg [mundzhan] high, lofty
burdzhan [anc. persian, scyth.] high, high-up
brdzan [georgian] commandant
bårg [caucas., talish] strong, mighty

On-line books about the ancient Bulgarians

abridged translations by Vassil Karloukovski

Dobrev, Peter: Inscriptions and Alphabet of the Proto-Bulgarians
Dobrev, Peter:
The language of the Asparukh and Kuber Bulgars. Vocabulary and grammar.

Dimitrov, Dimiter: History of the Proto-Bulgarians north and west of the Black Sea

Stamatov, Atanas: Tempora Incognitae of the Early Bulgarian History (Full version in Bulgarian see 1, 2 )