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The Herps of La Crosse

Living With Herps

Easy Herp Monitoring

Herps as Pets

General Herp Info

Suggested Reading and Bibliography


About Me and Contact Info

New Stuff!

April 15th through April 21st

Herpetological Commentary:
Part III: The Unobtrusive Turtle

For the week of Feb 11th through Feb. 17th

Species Accounts:
Black Rat Snake (NEW PICS)
Bullsnake (NEW PICS)
Massasauga (NEW PICS)
Timber Rattlesnake (NEW PICS)
Ouachita Map Turtle (NEW PICS)

Common Musk Turtle (account)

Wood Turtle (account)

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For the week of Jan. 21st through Jan. 27th

General Herp. Info.:
What is an amphibian?

Easy Herp Monitoring:
Breeding Phenology of Anurans in the La Crosse River Marsh

Herps as Pets:
Pictures of My Own Pets

Species Accounts:
Blue-spotted Salamander (NEW PICS)
Tiger Salamander (NEW PICS)

For the week of Jan. 14th - Jan. 20th 2002

Herpetological Commentary:
Part II: Rediscovering the Lowly Frog, by: Joshua M. Kapfer

General Herp Info.:
Random Herp Stuff


For the week of Dec. 31 2001-Jan. 6 2002

Easy Herp Monitoring:
A Rough Key to the Amphibians of Wisconsin
La Crosse River Marsh Long Term Amphibian Monitoring Program

Living With Herps:
Living With Turtles


For the week of Dec.3-Dec.10 2001

Species accounts:
Red-backed Salamander

Herps as Pets:
Keeping Corn Snakes Pics!!

The Hixon Forest Nature Center

For the week of Nov. 25 through Dec.3 2001

Species accounts:
Central Newt
Blue-spotted Salamander
Four-toed Salamander

Living With Herps:
Herpetological Commentary

General Herp. Info.:
What is herpetology?
Notes on taxonomy

Herps as pets:
Methods for keeping herps
a) corn snakes

Herps native to Wisconsin that are not found in the LaCrosse area

Herps that are protected by Law in Wisconsin