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A Key to Wisconsin's Amphibians

This key was re-created with permission from Christoffel et al. (2001) Amphibians of WisconsinAmphibians of Wisconsin is a booklet produced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Endangered Resources and can by ordered on by making out a check for $4.00 to the Endangered Resources Program (be sure to write "Herps Education Account" on the memo line).  Checks should be sent to:

Bureau of Endangered Resources
P.O. Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707  


To use this key:

This circular key works from the inside out.  Here's an example:

  1. Start in the center of the circle at the word "amphibians". 

  2. Next, look at the specimen you are trying to identify. 

  3. Determine whether or not it has a tail. 

  4. If it has no tail, look to the right for the section labeled "Frogs, adults with no tails".

  5. Using Figure 1. on the right side of the key, determine if the frog you are looking at has paratoid glands

  6. If it has paratoid glands, move to the block labeled "paratoid glands present".

  7. Move out one more section, and you will be given the common name of the frog you are trying to identify.  In this case, the American Toad.