About Weapon Wars
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About Weapon Wars

Weapon Wars is a mod that adds new things to dm.


    Basically this is a multiplayer modification(MOD) for Valve Software's Half-Life. Half-life weapons are very good but I wanted something more. And some of weapon-expansion mods was barely playable due to poor weapon balance. So I wrote my own mod trying to achieve weapon diversity, weapon balance and firepower.I also wanted to add something new to halflife like mutators.Also bring more fun in halflife. So I decided to make these mod called Weapon Wars :). This mod is my very first thing whatsoever to release to public.


    1)64 or more well-balanced, unique weapons. 30 is maximum for HL engine- And I don't want to waste limited weapon slots making similar weapons i.e. 9mm MP5, .40 MP5, .556 SIG, .556 M16, etc. Every weapon has some unique feature.
    2)Balanced gameplay. Major weapons remain only slightly tweaked so you won't get lost at whole new weapon sets. And I tried to make every weapon useful. You'll use every weapons at various fighting situations.
    3)All tweaks customizable by server. You can turn all tweaks off to play original HL DM.
    4)Original HL map&model support. You don't need custom maps to play PS07 MOD. Weapons respawn alternatively. And you can use your old player models(unlike some of other mods) 5)Added pain sound.
    6)minimal new key sets-You don't need lot of new keys.
    7)HUD enemy indicator. (like AHL)
    8)Gibbable corpses (like Q3)
    9)Client-side NVG effect(like Op4)
    10)Spectator mode(like CStrike) and FollowCam mode. 11)Bot support.
    12)CTF support. You can use CCTF (Classic Capture The Flag) map.
    13Team-by-color team selection. You can have teams with mixed models.
    14)and many many more littel stuff.


    1)A PC capable of running Half-Life
    2)Half-Life installed and patched up to v1.1.0.1 and up
    3)13mb of hard disk



    1)Unzip the files to a subdirectory named "Weapon Wars" in your Half-Life folder. (example: "D:\SIERRA\Half-Life\Weapon_Wars").
    2)You have several ways of enabling the mod:
    a)run Half-Life with -game Weapon_Wars in the command line
    b)run Half-Life and use the mod browser to activate the mod


Thanks go out to the following people/groups of people:
The ID people t, for creating Quake series.
The Valve and Sierra people, for creating HL
The Gearbox people, for creating OpFor
AHL team , for kick ass models
The people at Wavelength, for I got numerous help from there.
Cold fusion people, for supplying some of weapon models.
Cold Ice people, for mod inspiration and some of models.
And thanx ro raxel(maker of ps07 of giving me these idea :] ).



Next update:
When its done

Current version:

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