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                                     Scientific projects - Proposal of cooperation.


Content of this web page :

1.Titles of the projects. 2.Were the project  is submitted 3. How to contact the authors
4. Summary of the outline of the first project. 5.Target partners - the expertise needed. 6.The history of the development of the presented project. 6 a) The letter Geophysics and the relogious war, 6 b) Rod O'Connor comment, 6 c) Data about Rod 0'Connor and Michael A. Peresinger 7) Answer to Rod O'Connor 8) The letter of A.Brodziak sub title Coronal hole in geoeffective position, 9) Matti Pitkanen's letter, 10 ) The outline of the second project


Week, but essential influences of the environment on the human organism - part 2: The influences of the Schumann resonance's, magneto-spheric micro-pulsations and coronal holes being in geo-effective position.

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Internet services related to health, accessible by mobile telephones, acting by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP ) -Part I -Geomagnetic storms and biometeorology.

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The project is submitted to the Fifth Framework Program of Research of the European Union. ( ). More precisely it is submitted to the 2-nd "Thematic Programme": "User-friendly information society(IST)", especially for call for proposals on: IST 2000-1.1.1 Intelligent environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and IST 2000-1.1.2 Intelligent environment for patients.

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Contact to the authors : Andrzej Brodziak *, Eugenia Piotrowska #

Company: Silesian Medical University.:
* The Department of Internal Diseases
# the Library of S.M.U.

Address: 41-902 Bytom, ul. Zeromskiego 7 , Poland
e-mail :
tel/fax : +4832 2812122
mobile phone : +4832 044 609

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Summary of the outline of the project : The causes of the diseases are attributed, recently, not only to the "bad structure" of the organism, settled by the genetic code or to the invasion of viruses, microbes and other "malicious agents", acting during the adult age.

There are now the time for considerations of influences, acting during the period of fetal development (see e.g., the Erica Check article's published in, Newsweek, 27.09.1999 and Terrance J.Williams's article ,sub title: "Finger-length ratios and sexual orientation", published in Nature,30 March,2000,404,455-456 )

We believe, that apart of the possible nutritional and toxic influences, there are some week , but essential agents, like the pattern of the light, acting on the pregnant women and the factors enumerated in the title of this proposal. We discuss the possible influence of the pattern of the light in the text accessible under:

There are other parameters of the broad range of the electromagnetic radiation, acting on living organisms of our planet, since billions of years.

It seems, that the most important factors are also : so called excesses of W.O. Schumann resonance's . One of us (A.B.) has proposed ( in the letter sub title Geophisics and the total religious war " , sent to "sci.physics" on 03.04.1999- through the username "genia01"), independently from Rod O.Connor, ( the member of the M.A.Persinge's Neuroscience Researrch Group - ), that the magnoto-spheric micropulsations could also influence the human organism.

Our original idea is that we should verify also the possibility that the coronal holes in geo-effective position influence us also ( see : )

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Target partner-the expertise needed.

We look for the researchers who are interested to bound the geophysical data about the electromagnetic influences with biological, medical and demographic parameters.

The realization of the project would require the cooperation of some interdisciplinary teams. So, we look for radio-astronomers, who have access to the geophysical data, which are more detailed then Jan Alvestad's service, accessible under:

The analogous data for Europe and a range of countries on different geographical latitudes are necessary. In this case, it would be possible to verify the hypothesizes, formulated in the mentioned letter: " Geophysics and the total religious war".

It would be necessary to cooperate also with several teams of neurologists or psychiatrists, who admit patients to hospitals by reason of "the complex partial epileptic -like signs" and different, sudden, acute psychiatric syndromes.

There are another possibility of the verification of the initial set of hypotheses also . It could consist on the trial of correlation of the geophysical data, related to the geomagnetic storms, the solar flux (radio emission of the sun), Sun spot number, Planetary A index (and other geophysical parameters ) with some physiological parameters, determined in some chosen group of people or experimental animals.

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                   The history of the development of the presented project.

The above outline of the project results from former inference and activities in scientific discussion groups, especially in sci.physics. It seems to us , that it will be useful for the promotion of the above mentioned projects to present here in some points the summary of these endeavors.

( 1 ). In April 1999 one of us ( A.B.-under username: genia01 ) sent to sci.physics

the letter sub title: "Geophysics and the total religious war". We are quoting here the fragments of this letter:

[ "So called micropulsations acts on the human brain tissue and tune the set-point signal of some important neuronal circuits, which "keep" believes. There are a very particular charecteristics of the micropulsations according to the geografical latitude. The band 30 + - 10 degree is very particular. It is proved by geophysical mesurements, which are as follow:



     Pc1 frequencies

( period of oscillations in   seconds )


     frequencies in Hz

  70 degree      0,2      400
  60      0,5      100
  55      3,8        55
  50      4,8        28
  45      5,5        24
  40      5,0        18
  30      5,5        10
  20      7,0          2
latitude < 20 degree lack of Pc1 lack of Pc3
equator  lack of Pc1 lack of Pc3

Probably , also so called excesses of W.O. Schumann resonances are very particular in this band.

On the geographical latitudes 30+ - 10 degree, as anybody know there are situated the foolowing countries : >Marocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Israael, Liban, Syria, Iraq ( Mezopotamia ), and also : Italy (Rome), Albania ( Kosovo ), Macedonia, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, Northen part of India, Nepal, Tybet, Southern part of China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Southern part of Japan, Hawaii, California, Mexico (Yucatan ), Florida, Bermuda ilands >

  The new technological, scientific and especially religious philosophical concepts were formulated mainly  in these countries.The ideological, vivid controversies and religious wars occure also usually in these reagions.

   Moreover , the fights become more intense in  the time of the peak of the actual cycle of the solar activity. We are now just near the peak of so called 23-rd cycle. Anybody can get detailed data about the "solar activity from .

When w will consider these geophysical phenomena with data from the realm of the cognitive sciences, related to the conditions of a low self-steem maintained throuout generations we will see clearly the way how to avoid the religiuous wars. The details sess my paper : Brodziak A.: [ Is the synthesis of brain sciences necessary ? - or how tio avoid new religious wars ? ] "Czy integrowanie nauk o mózgu jest nam potrzebne,   czyli jak uniknąc nowych wojen z innowiercami". Przegląd lekarski, 1994,51,6,255-260.

The outline of the human psyche :-) , which is esential to be abe to understand pople who are fundementalists , it means under the control of the Jung'ian archetype of so called "Great(Hurted)Sage" is accessible in:

The letter by Andrzj Brodziak,

The idea explained in the above letter is developed in the book of one of us (AB). The title of he book "Solar storm is coming" [unfortunately the book is written in Polish language].

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( 2 ) Dr Rod P.O'Connor ( ), the prominent scientist, from the Michael A.Persinger's school ( wrote to me on Tue,06 Apr 1999 the followinmg letter:

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Dr . Brodziak

I was exciting to se your webpost regarding micropulsations and neuronal-behavioral correlates in the context of religious wars. My M. Sc. thesis consists of applying stimulated Pc1 micropulsations to rat pups in model of Sudden Infant Death following a statistical relationship that I discovered, with Dr. M A. Persinger, between SIDS and geomagnetic micropulsations. I have two questions for you :

1 ) Do you currently collect micropulsation data ? Temporal distributions of Pc1 - Pc5 any years ?

2)Could you forward any English papers that you have published in the area of micropulsations and behaviour/physiology to me ?

I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Neurophysiology this fall at the University of Toronto, and will be examining the effects of micropulsation frequency, week, magnetic fields on neuronal

calcium dynamics in hippocampal cultures. Are there any studies at your institution in these lines ? Do you have an active research program in the area of geophysical effects on human health ?

Best regards,

Rod O'Connor

Neurosciences Research Group

Laurentian University

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

P3E 2C6

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I looked at this URL, and I found the following data:

. Behavioral Neuroscience B.Sc. Graduate 

. Biology Graduate Student 

. Neuroscience Webmaster 

. Neuroscience Research Group 

. Full Curriculum Vitae available

Current Research
. Alpha-adrenergic mechanisms of Bureau restraint induced hypothemia in lithium/pilocarpine limbic epilepsy

. Magnetopharmacology: Clinically relevant pharmacological interactions with weak, complex, electromagnetic fields

. Geomagnetobiology

Persinger, M.A., O'Connor, R.P. 
A Linear Relationship Between Postnatal Geomagnetic Activity and Self Reports of Epileptic Seizures

In Young Adults.
Perceptual Motor Skills. 1999 89, 368-370.
O'Connor R.P. and Persinger M.A.
Geophysical Variables and Behavior:LXXXV. Sudden Infant Death, Bands of Geomagnetic Activity, and 
Pc1 (0.2 to 5 Hz) Geomagnetic Micropulsations.
Perceptual Motor Skills 1999 88, 391-397.

O'Connor RP, and Persinger MA 
Geophysical variables and behavior: LXXXII. A strong association between sudden infant death syndrome and increments of  global geomagnetic activity--possible support for the melatonin hypothesis
Perceptual Motor Skills. 1997 Apr 1; 84(2): 395-402. 

O'Connor RP, and Persinger MA 
Increases in geomagnetic activity are associated with increases in thyroxine levels in a single patient: implications for melatonin levels.
International Journal of Neuroscience 1996 Dec 1; 88(3-4): 243-247. 

Neuroscience Research Group 
Laurentian University 
Sudbury, Ontario, 
Canada. P3E 2C6 
(705) 675-1151 ext. 4252 

(705) 671-3844

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I  have answered by following letter :

Dear Rod O'Connor

Thank you for you kind letter, sent on 199/04/06 . I am answering so late because I "visit" my e-mail box klin5chw@infomed.slam.katowice seldom (once by week). Any day I am using just this one (more private).

I have presented my hypothesis concerning the possible influence of the micropulsations in three reviewed journals and in my book , enumerated in P.S., attached to this letter.

My hypothesis have arisen from the collaboration with radio-astronomers of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow ( in fact from listening to their lectures ).

I precise bellow their e-mail addresses:

They really perform measurements ( they gather also temporal distributions ) of so called excesses of W.O. Schumann's resonances and in some extent also Pc1 and Pc3.

They are interested in the subject of the influence of these kind of EM oscillations on human organism, however they are "pure " astronomers. My thesis seems them probably very "radical".

I tried, personally, as a physician ( leading the Department of Internal Diseases -but with the neurologist, realizing -by my aid- the Ph.D.-thesis ) to develop this topic though the trial of the exposition of a group of patients with epileptic seizures and the pathological changes in their EEG to 7.8Hz and 42 Hz EM oscillations.

This experiment is briefly described in the text sub title:


Małgorzata Sieczkowska, Andrzej Brodziak

Department of Internal Medicine, Silesian Medial University

7 Żeromski Street, Bytom and Municipal Neurological Outpatient Department in Bytom accesibble under:

In my opinion the essential point of this topic consists on the possibility to explain how the external EM oscillations (also Pc1-Pc5 ) can influence ( tune ) the particular "neural circuit " which "keep" an essential believe.

I associate this problem with my former paper sub title:

Brodziak A., The unit of neural networks modelling recall of mental images by oscillations of feedback loops caused by change of set point signal. Problemy Techniki Medycznej [Problems of Medical Engeneering], 1990, nr 1, 30-37.

accessible also under :

Very shortly, my idea is that probably the glial cells are sensitive to EM oscillations (changes of EM field ) and they tune a particular "neural circuit " -according to my model presented in the above mentioned paper. If the mechanism of the influence of a particular EM oscillation on a specific "subsystem of the brain " is described well by this approach, it will be the progress in the understanding of the influence of neighboring "planetary surrounding " because my model of the "tuning of a neural circuit" is very concrete and precise. Many theses related ( in some extent ) to this topic are accessible under :

I think it would be very useful for you to contact also the radio-astronomers of the Observatory of Jagiellonian University. With kind regards

Andrzej Brodziak


1. Brodziak A., Muc-Wierzgon M., Ziółko E., Baranowski M.:

[A possibility of remote geophysical influence on the nervous and hormones release during sleep.]

O możliwości zdalnych oddziaływań geofizycznych na system nerwowy i układ hormonalny człowieka w trakcie snu. Sztuka Leczenia, 1996, 2, 77-84.

2. Brodziak A., Muc-Wierzgon M., Knoplik J., Kaszuba D.:

O możliwościach wpływu mikropulsacji magnetosferycznych na procesy myślowe współczesnych ludzi. [ About possibility of the influence of magnetospheric micropulsations on human mental processes ] Psychiatria Ekologiczna, ( teksty konferencji ) 1997, 219-225.

3. Brodziak A. Nadchodzi Sztorm Słoneczny [ The solar storm is comming ] The book published in Polish language by: Wydawnictwo KOS, Katowice, ( Poland ), Sciegiennego street, 1998   accessible also on-line under :

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It seems to us that the realm of possible week , but essential influences upon human organism should be yet supplemented by the concept of possible acting of :

                       Coronal hole in geo-effective position.

One of us (A.B.) sent the letter on this subject to the discussion group :"sci.physics". It content was :

There are some invisible and week components our environment, which influence however the human organism.

Apart of obvious meteorological influences (seasons, climate, weather, atmospheric pressure) also the effects of "electric weather" (magnetic storms) are recognized.

M.A. Persinger and his co-workers and some other authors published many papers referring to sudden changes of magnetic Earth field. The list of these papers is accesible under:

Rod O'Connor and I (independently) have mentioned even the possible influence of so called geomagnetic (magnetospheric) micropulsations (Pc1-Pc5).

[ 1.Rod O'Connor, Persinger M.A. .:Geophysical variables and behavior- LXXXV- Sudden infant death, bands of geomagnetic activity and Pc1 ( 0.2to 5 Hz ) geomagnetic micropulsations.Perceptual Motor Skills 1999,88,391-397.See also:

2.Andrzej Brodziak.,Damian Kaszuba.: Do magnetospheric micropulsations influence human mental processes. -text in Polish language , published in : "Sztuka Leczenia" ,1997,2,35-42 ( monthly medical journal, ISSN1234-7175, 31-048 Krakow ,ul.Boguslawskiego 2/1a ]

[I emphasised also, in another paper, the possible effect of so called excesses of W.O. Schumman's resonances.( A.Brodziak and co.[ A possibility of remote geophysical influence on the nervous system and hormones during sleep. ] "Sztuka Leczenia",1996, 2, 77-84 )

We gathered and elaborated also a huge file of demographic data related to mortality rates of people born on different months of the year. Our interesting findings of this epidemiological research led to the formulation of the international scientific project open to anybody. Data about the "DEATH CERTIFICATE PROJECT" are accessible under: ]

It is very probable that the extremely week electromagnetic changes influences the human organism because they are natural, it means they act on biological system since billions of years. The biological organism could acquire the ability to detect such week oscillations if signals of this kind would have some meaning. It is almost proved that the, cyclic changes of solar activity influence many epidemiological, biological and psycho-neuro-pathological phenomena.

But the reasoning can be inverted. It is probable that some solar or even astrophysical factors control some biological phenomena. In this case the sensitiveness of biological organisms to this kind of signals would be the "installed" feature. Of course this way of reasoning assume that biological, especially human organisms are subunits of a lager system, which utilise geophysical variables to its inner control

I presented ( in recent letters sent to "sci.physics" and "" ) some arguments that apart of the planetary system (one star some planets) a whole galaxy is necessary as indispensable condition to form a nest of the life and consciousness.

The letters are accessible in archives and also under:

If we will proceed inference along this lines we should consider the possible influence on human organism of yet more week solar and geophysical factors.

I would like to remark in this letter the possible role of so called coronal holes.

The coronal hole it is an enormous magnet. The active axis of this magnet change its position. The coronal hole can be in so called geo-effective position . The "Solar Terrestial Activity Report" published daily by Jan Alvestad under:

presents the forecast related to the possibility that a significant coronal hole will come across the geoeffective position. The magnetic field of the coronal hole can probably interact with the magnetic field of the Earth and change the pattern of the radio solar flux, solar wind and other characteristics of the solar radiation.

It is possible to formulate the initial set of biological hypotheses, which are testable and should be verified in the future:

It is possible that the coronal hole in geoeffective position can exert some influence on the frequency of :

1.epilleptic seizures

2.occurences of so called "complex partial epileptic-like signs"

3.signs of aggressive behaviour


5.increased creative abilities

The trials of the falsification of these initial hypotheses would require the interdisciplinary, sophisticated kind of research.

I am convinced that the research about the possible influence of coronal holes on humans will be taken up. It will happen when biologists will consider seriously the Lavrence M. Krauss's ( and my ) idea that biological life and human consciousness it is the "cosmic necessity" in any galaxy. (See my letter sub title "Cosmic necessity and its essential forces" sent to "" on 1999/08/21 )

The letter from:

Andrzej Brodziak

Former letters in Deja archieves under user names:

genia01 and andrzej10

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Yes, as you see the topic can be seen from more and more general perspective. The fascinating idea , related to this subject was formulated recently by the known physicist

Matti Pitkanen. I would like to quote here the exchange of my correspondence with him just to promote the idea of electromagnetic phenomena occurring around us and influencing us:

From:  Matti Pitkänen <>
To:  "Andrzej Brodziak" <>
Subject:  Re: Greeting-now by reason of Easter holidays-from A. Brodziak
Date:  Sun, 23 Apr 2000 07:46:41 +0300


----- Original Message -----

From: Andrzej Brodziak <>

To: <>

Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2000 2:35 PM

Subject: Re: Greeting-now by reason of Easter holidays-from A. Brodziak

>    Dear Matti

>   Please receive my cordial greetings by occasion of  Easter Holidays.

>    By the way .Did you formulate the theory mentioned bellow.? Please indicate me where can I read about this theory. If it is not cumbersome to you please send me a piece of materials related to these topic.

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  As a matter fact, I am working with some ideas related to the self hierarchy. In particular electromagnetic  Mother Gaia realized in terms of topological field quanta of em field representing    resonating em fields associated with the 80 km thick cavity between Earth surface and ionosphere. There is work of neuroscientist  Michael Persinger related to this.  I hope I can get it to my homepage during month or two. One can also consider the possibility that genetic code codes, not only "physical body" but also electromagnetic body and that after the physical death we continue to live as electromagnetic resonances in this cavity!

Matti Pitkanen

January 2000

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I am just getting updating done. Within a week I should get into my homepage. I could try to collect some  most interesting pieces of it and send them to you. I am also writing an article to certain conference and could send it. We will see.

I have now quantum theory of conscious brain in which magnetic transition frequencies (n*cyclotron+Larmor) parametrize  basic componments of conscious experience. It is on solid empirical basis. I learned in the beginning of the year about bioelectromagnetic experiments dating back to 1983(!). The experiments led to realize how brain can be macroscopic quantums system. ELF em fields with frequencies in 10 Hz range. Corresponding photons are 3-surfaces having size of order Earth! Our subselves are ELF selves having EEG frequencies as signatures. We are MUCH more than our neurons.For instance, 13, 39, 65 Hz  (alpha threshold, talamocortical resonance, REM sleep) correspond to n=1,3,5 multiples of Na_+ cyclotron frequency. Magnetic energies in Earth's magnetic fields are indeed unique in their smalless about 10^-14 eV. Corresponding cyclotron states have size  larger than cell size. Energy is absolutely ridiculous: no hope of having macroscopic quantum systems in standard physics context: temperature should be below 10^-10 K!

In TGD framework manysheeted spacetime comes into rescue: ions drop atomic spacetime sheet to cellular spacetime sheet where there is extremely cold, dry and silent.

Matii Pitkanen, 23 April 2000

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The above considerations can be percieved as very abstract and not practical. But the presented inference lead to a very concrete , technological project, entitiled as :

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Internet services related to health, accessible by mobile telephones, acting by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP ) -Part I -Geomagnetic storms and biometeorology.

We present bellow , the copy of the presentation of this project,which is inserted to :

the Data Base of " Fifth Framework Program of Research of the European Union. ( ) It can be searched in thios enormous data base under " Partners" and the username : "Brodziak". The copy is as follow :

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Internet services related to health, accessible by mobile telephones, acting by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP ) -Part I -Geomagnetic storms and biometeorology.

About the institution :

The acting medical office, specialized also in the behavioral and psychosomatic medicine, realizing the holistic approach ( taking into account geophysical influences upon human organism ) co-operate with the interdisciplinary team formed for psychological counseling, telemedicine and Internet activity. Our team realized the enormous, known telemedicine web-site, using tools of supportive psychotherapy. It is accessible under : and includes the intelligent, remote tele- diagnostic program accessible under

Head of the team ( also of the Department of Internal Diseases of Silesian Medical University - ) is the author of the book related to cyclic solar activity, Schumann's resonance, magnetospheric micropulsations ( see )

The medical office ( ) utilize since 2 years , in daily practice the mentioned web-sites and we gathered therefore much of experiences about the utility of remote counseling by Internet health related websites. Another subject details see our other proposal in CORDIS RTD-PARTNERS- Record Control Numbers: 53006, 52568,51834,51835,51794 .

About the project:

There are already some web-sites written in Wireless Make Up Language (WAL - ) , which are accessible through mobile telephones, acting on the basis of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Certainly there are the need and the future interest of many people in Europe in services related to health, accessible by mobile telephones ( cell -phones like Nokia 7110 ). According to our experiences with the remote counseling by Internet web-sites, supporting "health promotion and disease prevention" people who begin to feel bad want to check first the bio-meteorological factors. It is already known that increased geomagnetic activity ( storms ), more general : increased solar activity can change mood , evoke "bad feeling" and aggressivity through so called complex partial epileptic-like signs

( ) . We express our personal experiences about geophysical influences upon feeling and health under: We want to organize the consortium of researchers, manufactures and web-design companies interested in this new subject of services accessible by modern , portable , mobile Internet "terminals".

About the partners:

We look for 4 partners: (1) The research medical center, which ( apart of us ) is interested in geophysical and biometeorological influences upon human organism.

( 2 ) The research or routine-practical center of geophysics, which edit daily the report about the bio-meteorology and the solar activity, like for instance :

( 3 ) The website design company, which will formulate and implement the WML web pages, related to "health promotion and diseases prevention" and converting ( automatically ? ) the report of the kind

( 4 ) The manufacture or telecommunication company interested in the mutual promotion of GSM (mobile phones) technology and WAP services related to health.

In advance, we propose to look among potential partners for the institution ,which will be the most competent in the formulation of the proposal ( native English speakers, expertise in budget of research projects, experience "how to fill in all necessary forms" )

Key-words :

Internet, service, WAP, WAL, Wireless Application Protocol, Wireless Make Up Language, health, health promotion, diseases prevention, medicine, telemedicine, psychology, psychiatry, behavioral medicine, psychosomatic medicine, counseling, supportive tools, geophysics, solar activity, geomagnetic activity, biometeorology , telecommunication, environment, information systems, innovation, advanced interfaces , SME

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This WWW page will be developed soon !

How to find another website related to this topic?  

Jak znależć inne witryny powiązane tematycznie?


Electric Gaia - Electric Galaxy Koncept Gai w skali galaktycznej
Coronal hole in geoeffective position.
W.O.Schumann resonances.
Solar activity
Cyclic solar activity
Magnetic micropulsation
Rezonanse i ekscesy rezonansów W.O.Schumanna. Sztormy geomagnetyczne. Cykliczna aktywnosć Słońca. Mikropulsacje magnetosferyczne
Słoneczna dziura koronalna  w pozycji geoefektywnej.

Death Certificate Project
Predyspozycje chorobowe w zależności od pory roku urodzenia tzw. znak zodiaku. Analiza danych z kart zgonów.
"How to evoke the  selfawarness and cousciousness of the Internet"? Jak wzbudzić (wmontować) świadomość do sieci Internet?
The religious "module" ofthe human brain. Tzw. "moduł religijny" mózgu człowieka.
Cross national experiences in creating tools of supportive psychotherapy acting by Internet Międzynarodowa wymiana doświadczeń 
z zakresu metod wspomagających psychoterapię, działających zdalnie poprzez witryny internetowe.

Bilateral profit through national resources 
and international, mutual investments.
Bi-lingual websites, psychological counseling 
and active domestic promotion 
GEAN promocja inwestycji w Polsce poprzez tworzenie dwujęzycznych witryn internetowych oraz konsultacje i porady.
Department of Internal Diseases. Silesian Medical University. Katedra Chorób Wewnętrznych Śląskiej Akademii Medycznej