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For many years I have been formulating a theory defining the probable task that emerges for the human species. It makes human existence meaningful.
My most important publications on this subject are:

191. Brodziak A. Theories attributing meaning to human life and promoting health.    

286. Brodziak A. One of key arguments in promotion of positive public mental health - cosmological meaning of human life exists! 

287. Brodziak A. How to develop a supportive, friendly worldview promoting positive  public mental health and helping the psychotherapeutic counseling

The summary of the theory of cosmological meaning of the human life.

Acronym: Cosmolife

Authors: Andrzej Brodziak, Eugenia Popławska

The good feeling and health depends mainly from the state of the psyche. Apart of common conditions of well being depending from the resolution of problems in the realm of: ' work, relationships, money, health, character, addictions ' the essential factor which control our health is the meaning of our life.

Depression is always associated with the low self-esteem and the feeling of meaningless. The psychotherapy should concentrate not only on the problem of self-esteem but also on the problem of a positive picture ( model ) of the world.

The appearance of the human consciousness is not random therefore the philosophical counseling, which indicate the meaning of life of anybody is not a wishful thinking only.

The troubles of many people to catch a glimpse of the meaning of their life's are caused by lack of a convincing, comprehensible theory explaining why we are indispensable.

The message of the theory of the meaning should arise from confrontation of observable and scientific facts as well from well founded theoretical descriptions of different fragments of the Universe. This kind of formulation can be proposed in any moment of the development of human thinking. The lack of the general theory of the meaning of human life is caused by the paralysis of thinking produced partly by the traditional ideological movements and institutions and partly by widespread tragic- romantic emotional and cognitive attitude.

Anyhow we pluck up courage to formulated this kind of a theory. Its formulation is lengthy and it is accessible in details now in Polish language only. Here we present the summary of our theory in English.We try to illustrate this summary by some mnemonic figures.

[ The final conclusion of our theory is that anybody of us can help in the realization of an extremely important task. We are indispensable to succeed to reproduce the new real world. This conclusion can be comprehensible and useful when we will describe the very probable cosmic cycles of the formation of the self-awareness.

The actual phase of the development of the Universe, characterized by occurrence of the self-awareness of people should be presented in the context of the evolving Universe.

Temporary lets us assume that the Big Bang theory is true. The contemporary cosmologists maintain that the Universe comes out from primary singularity, it means from a very dense bunch of matter or rather ' quantum foam '. The singularity existed above time. During the first cosmologic era the primary physical particles appeared. The early Universe was composed from Hydrogen and Helium. More heavy elements occurred inside of the older stars. We know already that many stellar systems are characterized by the presence of planets.

At the surface of the planets ( at last on our planet ) so called biological life has emerged . Recently, after 14 billions year of the cosmic evolution the Homo sapiens sapiens appeared. Human beings ( as well as dolphins ) are characterized by the self-awareness. It is almost improbably that the occurrence of biological life and consciousness was random. It is rather a cosmic necessity.

It is important to remark that the existence of a galaxy is probably the indispensable condition. It would be difficult to imagine a planetary stellar system with the biological life on the surface of the planet existing in the intergalactic cosmic void. If we will admit that the biological life is a cosmic necessity the quick formation of galaxies in the expanding universe should be comprehended as an important step in the creation of the elementary conditions for the occurrence of the biological life. Probably the massive centres of Bose- Einstein condensates existing in the spiral galaxy are indispensable for the promotion of the phenomena of life and consciousness ( see the chapter " 11.1.3. Cosmology of consciousness " in Matti Pitkanen's on line book [ 2 ] )

The appearance of human self- awareness is indispensable to take decisions about important acts related to the fate of human beings.

People are inquisitive and unconsciously motivated to increase the knowledge and technological abilities. It enables them to develop the communication and memorizing systems. They quickly transforms our planet in a kind of a huge global brain. It is only first step to much more far reaching goals. Just now people want to analyse, record and understand the genetic code. In fact they want to understand the code representation of everything.

Frank Tipler, the author of so called Anthropic Principle ( 7 ) and the author of " The physics of immortality " ( 8 ) , who postulate in it probably unique other similar trial to search the meaning of the human life in cosmological development foresees that the descendants of people will build, in the far future, the huge macro - computer based on the matter of collapsing universe. It will enable the emulation ( reconstruction, in fact resurrection ) of all people who lived before.

Frank Tipler' s theory works good only on the assumption that the time space of the Universe is closed and that it will collapse in the future. Suddenly, in the year 1998 just after the formulation of Tipler's theory ( 1995 ) the astronomers found strong arguments that our Universe is " open " and that its time space will expand endlessly ( 12 ).

Our theory take into account this settlement, however we see also the same drive to build the macro-computer and to implement the essence, especially brains and human psyche on so called second level of implementation. The development of the global Internet, the urge to construct so called virtual reality, the main postulate of all religions about further existence in ' other world' and the recent vision of many science fiction writers ( Greg Egan, Vernon Vinge ), what give usually a good insights push us to postulate that really people will ' scan ' themselves and emulate in the cyberspace. It seems that it is necessary to obtain a much faster and intense development of the thinking and cognition. Why it is necessary ?

Our theses states that the ultimate goal of people is to do something with the sad vision of cooling, dilatating, infinitely expanded time space of our Universe. Probably the descendant of us will try to utilize a massive black hole as a tool appropriate to begin the next offspring Universe. The mighty knowledge, technology and power is necessary however to program and tune the characteristics of the next Big Bang in such a manner that the offspring Universe will obey also the Anthropic Principle. It would cause the similar evolution of the offspring Universe, who should lead to the occurrence of human beings, what will signify in fact the 'reincarnation' of the human species.
Thus people and their descendant of the present Universe will want to master the ability to tune the next Big Bang:Therefore  they need to decode apart of the genomic information also the patterns for all reality, including the pattern of the physical and chemical characteristics of the matter. The code representation of all objects should be determined. People, who know the scientific endeavors will agree that in fact the trial of the understanding of everything have already began. ]

Does the presented theory restore the meaning of the human life ? In our opinion: yes !
The theory explain why the effort of people is valuable and that this effort will be rewarded by the possibility of reoccurrence. Probably it will be emphadized  beter when we will repeat the message of the theory in tht form of a metaphor:

[ We occurred here on this Earth, in our Galaxy, which is the nest for life and consciousness not randomly but as a cosmic necessity. Your birth was the result of the focused transmissions from different eras and places. You began to realize an important task. The trace of your life will be recorded inside of this particular time- space. You can be ' scan ' in the future and emulated or re-implemented in the hyper - cyberspace. It will enable you to undertake the difficult trial to utilize the recorded, coded pattern for everything to program and tune the next Big Bang, what could cause your re- occurrence on a planet in the new real world. ]

Primary singularity,
'quantum foam '
existing above time




Graphics by Alfred T.Kamajian fromthe article of Stephen Weinberg, Scientific American

1299weinberg1.jpg (12836 bytes)

Primary physical particles, cosmic void,
radiation, Helium,
Hydrogen, stars,

swiatnauki1.jpg (51996 bytes)

condensate Bose-Einstein

m312.jpg (22463 bytes)                     condensate.jpg (2738 bytes)                 

chemical molecules

planets.gif (47215 bytes)

biological life,
evolving alive organisms

dna.jpg (3287 bytes)             animals.jpg (24170 bytes)

Homo sapiens sapiens,
self-awareness, consciousness




Graphic by Mario Levada- see here

emocje13.jpg (55513 bytes)

The increasing human knowledge and the developed technology

frontpage.jpg (12630 bytes)

The communication, memorizing
and information processing systems, bioengineering and genetic code
recognition and manipulation.

emailme.gif (10883 bytes)                      dna1.jpg (3375 bytes)

The global computer net,
the global brain,
the virtual reality

cyber.jpg (5572 bytes)

Emulation ( reconstruction )
of human beings
in hyper - cyberspace.




Graphics by Mark Thornally
done for the website of Matthi

contactzasw.jpg (35150 bytes)

The acceleration of thinking,
cognition and ability
to manipulate
the time space singularities.



Graphics taken from the website of Clifford Pickover...

singul.jpg (47346 bytes)

Utilization of the massive
black hole to program
and tune the next Bing Bang,
creating the offspring Universe.

The reoccurrence
of the human beings

Graphics taken from:
Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley
Watch Tower Pensylvania

resurrection2.jpg (98946 bytes)

resurrection1.jpg (8463 bytes)


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