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Welcome to the Rock Hill Zone, the games section.

This is your location for codes, games, walk-throughs, tips/hints for games on the Fountain Island. But it isn't just Sega's games we cover. We also cover note-worthy fan games, and games organized by fan-teams, such as the SonicVerse Team.

Being a member of SVT, I feel inclined to give it as much support as possible, so you'll find mostly coverage of our stuff here. Don't worry, I feel diversity is needed, so you'll find lots of stuff from other people as well.

So what do you want to do?

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SonicVerse Team Projects
The SonicVerse Team has been responsible for many projects in the world of Sonic Fandom, and is usually associated with their comics, featuring classic, as well as new characters that catch the attention of fans. You'll find coverage, as well as a listing of their projects here. Don't forget to visit the actual SonicVerse Team Website!

SVT Projects
Sonic Verse ComicsActive
Sonic Verse the MovieSuspended
Sonic Verse the GameIn ProgressInterview

SVT Card Game
Originally just a hobby, product of my imagination, this idea for a card game about the SVT characters is now in the production of an online game version! But while that one is still in the makings, the offline version is available for those who can't wait. Be sure to read the rules before playing.
SVTCG Rules [ text version ][ html version ]

Card Sets:

  • Item Cards [ Set 1 ]
  • Character Cards [ Set 1 ][ Set 2: Sonic Adventure ]