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SAAB 900 CD turbo 16 -86

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Updated April 11th. 2010

My present classic is powered with 16 valve engine and turbo charger. And itīs long as year without... .

What is Saab Finlandia or CD?

At Saab 99 and 900 series the model names Finlandia and CD are representing the lenghtened chassis and wheelbase (200mm). These lenghtened bodies were manufactured in Saabīs Uusikaupunki factory with exceptionally care including lot of handwork.

Saab Finlandia/CD is relatively rare model. Bethween years 1978 and 1986 only 590 lenghtened bodies were made. And the year 1986 is the most rare. During year 1986 were only 6 (six) pieces made.
So the car in the pictures is quite exceptional. The manufacturing day is April 8th. 1986.

The unofficial manufacturing outputs for Saab 900 Finlandia / CD are:

1978: 12pcs.
1979: 49pcs.
1980: 41pcs.
1981: 59pcs.
1982: 101pcs.
1983: 152pcs.
1984: 110pcs.
1985: 60pcs.
1986: 6pcs.

The former owner have done some bad repairings, so I have a lot of work to be done before the car is in fair condition.

Below some pictures about the vehicle. You can get a larger color photo by clicking the image.
Update October 29th 2020: Due to lack of storage space here, I have added latest photos in an open folder "" under my Facebook account.

Some new pictures about the car and itīs reconstruction:

Itīs been long time since last update. Unfortunately there hasnīt been huge progress during that time.

Situation in August 2008 is that body is delivered to restauration company in Ruovesi at beginning of summer 2008.
I personally managed to fix the body from nose to B-pillar. Rear doors and rear bodystructures restauration is thereby outsourced. Schedual for restauration is free, so you shouldnīt stop breathing when waiting completement.

Other finished details:
Radiator frame, front A-arms, front brake calibers, front swaybar and bucket of smaller parts were sandblasted and pulver painted during summer 2007.
After painting were front bushings replaced and brake calibers fixed. I also managed to find factory new wheelcenters and bearings, springs, ball joints and other small parts from suspension.
I have also bought other factory new parts from Saab-meetings. Till today I have found blinkers, headlight lences, locks, seat belts, some chrome decorations and so on.
Next on missing parts list are brake shields. If I donīt manage to find any factory new ones, I have to fix old ones by sandblasting and painting/galvanizing them.

The bodywork is almost ready and should be finished during 2010. Next phase will be sand blasting and painting.

Update June 2nd, 2021: The car has been re-registered with original license plate. Only minor renovations needed (new AC condenser and hoses).