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SAAB 900 CD turbo 16 -86 [HUR-904]

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Updated June 2nd. 2004

Because Saab 900 CD is tolerably rare car model, I decided to get another one too. Everybody should have at least two of these. ;)

This car is now in everyday use, but will be rebuilt after the another one have finished.

This carīs manufacturing day is February 14th. 1986 and it is the first one of those 6 Saab 900 CDs manufactured in 1986.

Update October 29th 2020: I have sold this car at 2012.

Below some pictures about the vehicle. You can get a larger color photo by clicking the image.

Some new pictures about the car and itīs reconstruction:

After rust repairings the vehicle inspection was done in may 12th. without complainings.

2004 May 23rd., sunday evening. A truck was retarding the traffic. No problem?
3rd. gear in and pedal to the metal. The boost rises nicely up to 1.2 bar and ... Snap Cracle Pop. Gearbox exploded.

3rd. toothed gear lost itīs tooths. Some pictures about that: