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Year 2002 Some of the subjects included in the newsletters:
Dec 28th No newsletter this week. Happy Holidays!
21st Dec Holiday Wishes: A Century of Santas; 'Twas the Night before Christmas, and more...
14th Dec FYI : Yellow Label Pyramid RC bottle, Holiday Thoughts : Just How Old IS Santa Claus?
7th Dec FYI : Dexter Bottling Works, Dexter, Maine
23rd Nov FYI : Excel Bottling Company Issues Flavor Drinks as Clem's Soda
16th Nov  FYI : Indiana Bottle Show Chooses Chero-Cola Exhibit, Husker Beverages, and more...
9th Nov FYI : Collinsville Show Well Attended, by Mike Elling, Sharon, Tennessee
2nd Nov FYI : Phlly Coke Celebrates 100 Years
26th Oct FYI : English Club Beverages
19th Oct FYI : Buffalo Rock - Alabama's Best Kept Secret
12th Oct FYI : Have you seen this bottle?, Links: Found @eBay, and more.....
5th Oct FYI : Kingdoms of Cola - The Conquests of Walter S. Mack
28th Sep FYI : Antique Glass Bottles: Their History and Evolution
21st Sep FYI : The Skating Girl
14th Sep FYI : Memories of Dr. Talbert's Coca-Cola Soda Fountain, amber 7Up bottles, and more...
7th Sep FYI : Sass and Brother ?
31st Aug FYI : Banning Soft Drinks in Schools?
24th Aug FYI : When, Where and What?
17th Aug FYI : Orange Crush Michael Rosman
10th Aug No newsletter this week due to vacation.
3rd Aug FYI : More Soda Trivia
26th July FYI : Did you know?
19th July FYI : Coca-Cola takes lead with accounting change
12th July FYI : A Mystery Tuscaloosa Nehi Bottle
6th July FYI : Coca-Cola: Celebrating 100 Years in Augusta
29th June FYI : Mountain Dew is Knoxville Brew
22nd June FYI : Miniatures from Hawaii, from Michael Mochizuki
15th June FYI : Why Everyone Collects Chero-Cola, by Mike Elling, Sharon, Tennessee
8th June FYI : Remember When... and more
1st June FYI : Are you "in the know"? Part 3 from Jerry Watkinson, with tips
25th May FYI : Are you "in the know"? Part 2 from Tim Raben
18th May FYI : Are you "in the know"?
11th May FYI : the Fizz in my life, lots of other info, check it out...
27th Apr All the usual categories and info....
20th Apr FYI : History - Early Bottle Manufacturing in California, Frostie - "elf" or "gnome"?,  and more...
13th Apr FYI : Location Is Everything at the Little Rock, Arkansas Show, LGW Exhibit in SC, and more...
6th Apr FYI : Squirt, straight-sided Coke bottles, links and more...
30th Mar FYI : Collector's Spotlight,  and too much to list...
23rd Mar FYI : Discoveries Abound At St. Louis Bottle Show, and too much to list.....
16th Mar FYI : Chero News, gold bottles, Brixing, and more...
9th Mar FYI : Coca-Cola - The History of an American Icon
2nd Mar FYI : Dr. Nut, Tour the World with Coke set, More Info - Coca-Cola Collectors Roadshow in Las Vegas, and more
23rd Feb FYI : New addition to Sundrop line
16th Feb FYI : Dr Pepper and Spiderman
9th Feb FYI : An Invitation to the Coca-Cola Road Show, and much more....
2nd Feb FYI : Where are the original hobbleskirt Coca-Cola bottles?
26th Jan FYI : Buyer's Market At Jackson, Mississippi Show
19th Jan FYI : Another "Dr.", bottle mark info, and more.....
12th Jan FYI : More about glass colors, and lots more....
5th Jan FYI : By any other color, is it the same ?
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