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16th November 2002

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From Don Norman : I have found two cases of Little Tom bottles, both full except for one missing bottle. Twenty-four of the bottles have the red and white label, and thirty-four have the white only label. Also for offer are the two cases. Make me an offer:
NOTE: If you are not familiar with this bottle, you can see an example of both of these (from my own collection) by  << CLICKING HERE >>

From Richard Mix : I have just bought 3 large soda collections in the last week - look for lots of new (old??) "fresh" stuff coming to ebay between now and the end of year. I will once again begin posting non-bottle soda collectibles on Tuesdays beginning next week - signs, trays, mixcellaneous stuff - GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! ~ click here to see ~


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From Rick Holt : Are you a collector?
Join us and share your obsession.

Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda
The idea was first conceived for Cool Mountain classic flavored sodas by reflecting upon childhood memories for inspiration. It was a time when every market had its local sodas, when pop shops developed uniquely distinctive flavors and colors as brilliant as rainbows were stacked in clear glass bottles across shining silver counters. These sodas have passed into history and along with them the richness of their tastes and the incredible quality and care of their handcrafted formulation.

As Cool Mountain explored the idea of rediscovering these classic sodas, They learned that the formulas of those amazing tastes still existed among flavor providers. They had simply been abandoned and ignored in the rush to corporate streamlining of mass produced flavors. Thus, the Cool Mountain quest began.

From Steve Troch, the President of the Flemish Coca-Cola Collectors Club, Gent, Belgium : Our info:
Address: The Flemish CCCClub, Ghent-Belgium, Hogepontstraat 28-D, 9050 Gentbrugge, Belguim
NOTE: This site is not in English, but the pictures speak any language. Enjoy!

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Q From me. CG : Do you have a particular item, or items, that you have been looking for a long time to complete part of your collection, or something you want - but have not as yet been able to find? Send it so all of us can help you look. You never know where it may turn up! E-mail:

From Samuel R. Humphreys : I am looking for Afri- Kola, Wineberry, Jim Dandy, FAN TAZ, Smack, Mattay Cola, DIXIE FLIP, Viccola, Almond Smash or any other obscure names. Paying TOP $$$ + all info appreciated & shared. 

Q From Ray Lawton : I need some info on a 7Up glass with the bubble girl. The colors are orange/black/cream. Below the square label is the date 1931. This is what creates a question, because 1931 is too early for ACL. Does this commemorate something? The glass appears to be authentic, not a fantasy, but who knows? 

If anyone knows anything about Ray's "Bubble Girl" ACL glass, please E-mail

A From Randee Kaiser, regarding an earlier question about Husker Beverages : I finally ran across some information I had regarding Husker Beverages. Here goes! The origins of Husker can be traced to the 1890's and a company named Seward Bottling Works founded by Fred Bick. Around 1908 the business was sold to Jake Imig who bottled soda pop for many years in Seward. In 1940 Francis "Pop" Imig and Hook Miers took over the business and moved it to 629 Jackson Street and adopted the name Husker Beverage. In 1946, Pop Imig's younger brother, Henry, returned from the war and purchased Mr. Mier's interest. About this time, Lloyd Cardwell of Seward was on his way to becoming an inductee in the Cornhusker Hall Of Fame. Lloyd wore jersey #24 when he played for the Huskers. He later went on to a successful pro career, playing for the Detroit Lions. Lloyd was the first player to be portrayed on the Husker label, which was designed by Percy Ost. In future years, Husker Beverages would similarly honor #12 Bobby Reynolds, a 1950 All-American halfback from Grand Island; and #14 Jerry Tagge, the star quarterback from the 1970-71 national championship teams.

A From Ray Lawton, regarding Michael's question last week about the DP bottle  : "Your bottle is a flavor bottle that was used by a bottler licensed to bottle Dr Pepper that bottled other flavors of soda. The flavor was usually designated on the cap. The bottle is not a licensed Dr Pepper item. The value is probably in the $5-$10 range."

A From Ray Lawton : In answer to the question by Ed Cottingham on the Orange Crush "krinkly" bottle patented Aug 22 1921. The American krinkly bottle was patented July 20 1920. I am not exactly sure when foreign patents were issued, but a while back there was a New Zealand bottle offered for sale. I think that was the patent date for that bottle. They may have issued patents to other countries at different times. I have a nice aqua krinkly bottle from Malta that says this label was first issued in 1923.

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What's New Around the World ?

Coca-Cola India announced that it will be launching Georgia brand tea and coffee beverages in New Delhi. According to Sanjiv Gupta, Deputy Division President of Coca-Cola India, a cup of Georgia hot tea will be priced at four rupees, or 8 cents, and a cup of Georgia coffee at five rupees, or 11 cents. Georgia brand beverage is the leading packaged ready-to-drink coffee in Japan first introduced in 1975 by Coca-Cola Japan.

The Coca-Cola Company announced four new vitamin-enhanced, flavored versions of its Dasani brand bottled water. The four flavors are mandarin orange, lemon tangerine, wild berry and pear cucumber. Added vitamins and minerals range from vitamin C to B-12. The initial product launch is in three cities: New York City, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charleston, South Carolina. General availability for the rest of the United States is planned for 2003.

Coca-Cola purchases between 288,000 to 338,000 tons of sugar each year from local suppliers in southern Africa. Coca-Cola is the largest single consumer of sugar production in South Africa. The company has recently engaged in heated battle over the prices of sugar due to tariffs levied by South Africa's protectionist policies. Coca-Cola in South Africa demands that the price be reduced by 24% or it will source its sugar from Brazil, the world's lowest-cost producer.

Following its recently completed acquisition of the company, Pepsi Bottling Group is to close the Kitchener Beverages bottling plant in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The plant, which employs 65 people, will close at the beginning of January. However, spokesperson Kelly McAndrew said there would be opportunities for some staff to transfer to plants in neighboring areas, such as Hamilton, Mississauga, London and Owen Sound.

Sony Music Entertainment and PepsiCo are planning a joint marketing campaign for the US, which will include radio, television and retail advertising. Although no financial terms of the deal were disclosed, it is apparent that the deal will see advertising for Pepsi brands featuring special sneak previews of songs from Sony artists. There will also be a series of Pepsi-sponsored TV specials featuring Sony performers and co-branded sales efforts at non-music retail outlets, such as grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations. The campaign will begin next summer. 

From Rachel : New bottles! I just purchased a 6-pack of 8-ounce Coca-Cola bottles that have "Hook'em Horns" with TEXAS LONGHORNS 5-TIME NCAA BASEBALL CHAMPIONS 1949 1950 1975 1983 2002. They are currently on the shelves at HEB in Texas.

New bottles or cans, or anything soda, in your area ?
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Upcoming Event Reminders:

The World of Coca-Cola will be presenting its third annual Holiday High Lights extravaganza on Saturday November 30, 2002 from 6-8 pm in downtown Atlanta. The celebration will feature a 40-foot lighted Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Coca-Cola Polar Bear and a performance by Travis Tritt. The event is free and will be open to the public.

The Coca-Cola Company and the High Museum of Art are presenting a pictorial history of the modern Santa Claus in a new holiday exhibit, Inventing Santa: Art and Advertising, opening December 3, 2002. The exhibition will run through Sunday, January 5, 2003 at the High Museum of Art. The exhibition will consist of a selection of 18 paintings by Haddon Sundblom, an illustrator commissioned by The Coca-Cola Company in 1931 to develop an advertising image for the holidays. The High is located at 1280 Peachtree Street at 16th Street, MARTA “Arts Center” (N5). Hours: Tuesday–Sunday, 10am–5pm. Call 404-733-HIGH or visit for more information.

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FYI : Indiana Bottle Show Chooses Chero-Cola Exhibit
 By Michael M. Elling

    The 5th Annual Illiana 2002 Antique Bottle & Pottery Show & Sale was held Saturday, November 9, 2002, in the Terre Haute South High School Cafeteria.  Terre Haute, Indiana is located in the Wabash River Valley along I-70, a major east-west highway near the Illinois state line.  Show Chairman, Tony Stringfellow reported some 250 people attended the all-day sale and exhibit.  There were 57 tables sold to 39 dealers from 7 states.  In addition, there were 8 educational display tables where all viewers voted on the most significant display for a prize.

    Special glazed pottery pitchers, hand- made by popular local potter, Larry Gilliam, were given to all exhibitors.  These pitchers were in natural clay decorated with blue laurel fronds and printed "Exhibitor Indiana Bottle Show Terre Haute 2002."  The most votes, and the award ribbon, went to a table-top display of Indiana Chero-Cola Bottlers.*

    Chero-Cola was a major soft drink sold throughout the state from 1914 to the post war 1940's. Michael Elling, of Sharon, Tennessee, exhibit owner, explained that if you were in high school in the mid-1920's, and your father owned the local pharmacy, confectionary, or vaudeville/movie theater in town, he may have installed carbonated bottling equipment as a sideline. With these, he would sell flavored soft drinks and cola's during the warm weather months.  

    This business was so successful, that by the end of the decade soft drink bottling operations became a respectable year round business that offered full- time employment to many young people.  Bottlers sprang up in most cities and towns across the nation during this period.  Elling exhibited typical soda bottles from 18 different bottlers across Indiana.  Chero-Cola was re-formulated in 1934, with the ending of prohibition, and became Royal Crown Cola.

    The other exhibits included displays of Porcelain High Voltage Insulators of Early 20th Century; Paper Labeled Pluto Water Products; Display of Terre Haute manufactured bottles and pottery food containers; Early Hutch Sodas of Brazil, Indiana; Terre Haute pre-Prohibition Etched Shot Glasses; and an extensive collection of Wister's Balsam for Consumption of the Lungs.  This exhibit included some 20 different labeled glass medicines, trade cards, and advertising bills, all devoted to this product of the late 19th Century.

    Delbert Roley, of Stewardson, IL, found some outstanding soda bottles at the show. Included were 7-ounce green glass Tater's "Pale Dry" Jamaica Root Ginger Ales with unusual almond/brown colors.  There was also a 1954 Owens-Illinois bottle from Fitchburg, MA, and a 12-ounce clear glass Cino Beverage CHARM block label soda in blue/white paint made in 1951 by Ober-Nester for the Sharonville, OH bottler.  But his top find was a Jeffersonville, IN, Indiana Club Pale Dry Ginger Ale showing a couple in ballroom dancing clothes in brilliant yellow/red colors.  This little green glass 7-ounce is a definite eye catcher.  An Owen-Illinois Glass product, it has perfect color and seam registration, dated 1951, and was tagged at $140.00.

    Jeff Cummins, of Clear Creek, IN, is a Coca-Cola commemorative bottle specialist and spotted a post 9/11 surprise.  It was a very rare New York City 75th Anniversary 10-ounce clear glass bottle with red paint.  He left it on the table tagged at $380.00

    Popular bottle dealer, Tom Feltman, was definitely impressed by the vast selection of 19th Century pottery food containers available at this show.  He commented, "You rarely see more than three or four pieces outside of a national event."

    The bargain of the day was a number of 1994 books by the late Dick Roller, now out- of- print, entitled Indiana Glass Factories Notes.  This excellent reference of early glass- making facilities throughout the state were being sold by the local club as a fund raiser for $15.00 each.  The book is spiral bound soft cover and is 136 pages of glass makers by towns throughout Indiana.  Indiana attracted glass makers because of its rich natural gas reserves during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

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Until next week, Happy Collecting! CokeGirl

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