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Jason Grant Homepage / Web Portal

I produce a number of web pages, ranging for a variety of audiences, from Star Wars, to Judo
and Everquest, the online roleplaying game.
A recent effort, is for artwork inspired by the James Bond-style roleplaying adventures SW fans on JCC Forums.
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BabelFish Translations

TV Crossovers

RPG at


The Moons of Yavin | Community
Primary site for the Moons of Yavin Star Wars fan
community. The graphic will also take you directly to the community (eg. ex-MoY) page.

M.I.5 Art Gallery
I do roleplaying on
One thread involved James Bond-style adventures, and when we startedgetting inspired to do pictures, I saw the opportunity to do a webpage.

The PixelPuff Girls
Inspired by the fantastic cartoons of Penny Arcade which makes a regular comment on the computer games industry, I am having a go with my two favourite video game heroines. However, my drawing ability is marginally less than that of a sea cucumber.

Tifani's Spanish to English Test
This is a javascript utility I penned to help me learn Spanish. The code interrogates the PC clock for the current time, and there are sixty questions for the user to answer, one for each minute past the hour. And although you get a 'Wrong' message if you don't get the EXACT answer, I have allowed a direct comparison to be displayed of the 'correct' answer versus 'your' answer.

T. Jayasinghe - Supported Artist | Tosh Photos slideshow | Tosh Photos for Sale
Lacking any drawing ability of my own, I am constantly impressed by what my mate, Tushara comes up with. Besides, any excuse to do a web page. Under development, but you can see artwork and a Flash film he has done, on the left-most link.

Kodomokai R.H. Judo Site
Provides current information on judo clubs, events and related links regardless of association or nation.

Lego Conventions ( |
Craig Stevens' Lego - Millennium Falcon
Both simple bits of coding, but only the former a serious work to advertise a Lego Convention in February 2004, Petersfield, (Hampshire) UK, and a previous event in Croydon back in 2002.

Shadows of Apocalypse Guild Website | SoA Test Site
Sites supporting the members of the SoA guild
in Everquest.
  From left to right, these are the privately hosted SoA site, and the Angelfire version done by myself (which itself replaces the GeoCities original).

Javascript Portal - 22/05/2004
A version of this page, using javascript-enabled drop-menus as links. Any script errors encountered are specific to your browser, and may mean that JavaScript needs to be enabled, or you need to upgrade your browser.

Surefall Paramedics
Also relating to the online roleplaying game, Everquest, this is for the members and characters of the Surefall Paramedics rescue team.

Cyberzone Price List

Ragesh's Hellboy Site
    I showed this work experience kid some basic HTML, which led to him starting up this website, so although I'm not involved with it now, I want to monitor its progress.

Munch Fanlisting
Representative icons