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T. J.

In 2004, T.J. got involved in a community project entitled Croydon which aimed to produce a slew of short Flash-enabled films themed around that South London centre of commerce.
Tushara's own film, '
One World Away', featured a musically accompanied series of images that flash past to demonstrate his impressions of the town.

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Sun marker (visibility) Alien meets Predator
    Tushara got inspired by the film poster for Alien versus Predator and created this first picture with pastels on black paper. Some of the other images here were done by Yavin, based on this initial work.
Sun marker (visibility) Mutual appreciation
    One of the special effects guys on The Making of AvP commented that due to the predator getting more screen time, an attempt was made to make it look more 'romantic', including giving it more or longer locks. Tushara and Yavin worked on the words.
Sun marker (visibility) Negotiating Tool
    Here, prior to their onscreen fight, the two creatures discuss terms:
Predator: Don't make me look stupid out there, okay? Play ball, and you get ice cream! .
Sun marker (visibility) Hitman vs Tomb Raider
    Contribution to the PixelPuff Page, after much badgering from Yav'.
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