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He is DAIMON HELLSTROM - spawn of the Devil, born of woman - man of God, heir to Hell - and his two natures are ever at war! For though he carries Satan's mark on his chest, he is sworn to drive his Father's minions from the world of men. Exorcist, psychic demonologist, wielder of the soulfire - he is all of these, but within him lurks a second self, a savage, satanic side he must constantly fight to control... lest he lose his human heritage forever! Stan Lee Presents...

The Son of Satan!
in Marvel Spotlight!

CoverIssueCover ArtDate





MSp #19

Gil Kane
Dec 74

Demon, Demon..Who's got the Demon?

Steve Gerber

Gene Colan

Mike Esposito

Summary: Daimon fights Allatou, wife of Nergal.

MTU #32

Gil Kane
Apr 75

All the Fires in Hell..!

Gerry Conway

Sal Buscema
Vince Colletta

Summary: Wyatt Wingfoot calls Johnny Storm and freaks out in a possesed way. Of course he then travels half the country to break in on Daimon Hellstrom and demand his service. Daimon agrees andthen doesn't want to beieve it when Daimon changes his garb to the SoS costume. Go Figure. He also convieniently forgets Wyatt is possessed and eventually has to fight Daimon and is nearly killed by the Son of Satan. Also of course Johnny saves the day and Daimon walks off alone.

MSp #20

Feb 75


MSp #21

Gil Kane
Apr 75

Mourning at Dawn!

Steve Gerber

Sal Buscema
J. Giella

Summary: Daimon faces Madame Swabada and her Tarot deck of the mind. Innocent people are being killed in the manner of the Tarot pictures while Daimon threatens children and visits a priest. She ends up possessing him and the adventure continues!
Next Issue!

MSp #22

Gil Kane
Jun 75

Journey into Himself!

Steve Gerber

Sal Buscema
Bob McLeod

Summary: Daimon's fight against Madame Swabada's Tarot continues. He fights the images of those he knows and remembers within himself, created by the Madame. He realizes that the light and dark sides of himself should be inseparable, and so drives the Madame out of the place in his mind where she had been hiding!

MSp #23

Gil Kane
Aug 75

In This Light, Darkness!

Steve Gerber
Mike Friedrich

Sal Buscema
Dan Green

Summary: Daimon returns to his home in St. Louis. Waiting there to attack him is Father Darklyte. This battle causes the death and rebirth of one of Daimon's close friends and a revelation of his heritage. Only two survive!

MSp #24

Gil Kane
Oct 75

Walk the Darkling Road!

Chris Claremont

Sal Buscema
Bob McLeod


Summary: Gloria Hefford (see Satana History 1 * HoH #2) wants to conjure a demon. Daimon is leaving Dr. Katherine Reynolds after the events of MSp #23. He dreams of Satana taking a soul and laughing at him. He confronts her in L.A., at the grave of the recently killed Michael Heron, priest and friend of Satana. He attacks he without remorse while the demon that was Gloria - Kathara, Mother of Demons - waits for Daimon's weakness. Satana returns and releases the Basilisk upon Kathara. Enraged, she confronts Daimon for trying to kill her. As Stan would say, "'Nuff Said!"

* also with original pages of these issues with Satana! Go See!

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