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Good Evening! Satana introduces herself - Marvel Team-Up #81 (Mike Vosburg art)

"I only wish I had more time to seek out the Dark Forces and join their Hellish crusade." - Morticia Addams, Addams Family Values

Here We have the first part of Satana's History and Appearances. This is the black and white magazines. Vampire Tales, Haunt of Horror, Marvel Preview. Color to come in Satana History 2. So much to write!

IssueIssueCover ArtDate




Vampire Tales #2

(Satana, The Devil's Daughter!)

Gerry Conway

John Romita Sr.

1st Satana
4 pages
on sale July 3rd 1973

Summary: Satana is first shown as a woman like any other on the streets of New York City. The hour looks late; there are no other people arond... but one. Our woman hears the scufflings of a local lowlife. Seemingly afraid, she retreats to an alley. The man follows until he catches her in the dead end alley. She allows him near, still feigning fear, as she lets him search her for a purse, jewelry, something. He notices her fine body, and as he touches her she draws him near. She kisses him - an instant of all-consuming passion, which quickly becomes Hell for this man - and she drains him of his life and soul, leaving a dry husk and a butterfly, the form of soul for all, even this petty, evil little man. She takes this butterfly and walks away, leaving these words behind for the open, dead air: "There won't be a next time for you, little man. But if there were... I'd advise you NOT to pick on Satana... the Devil's Daughter."

Reprinted in Vampire Tales Annual #1 and Marvel Premiere #27.

VT #3
Luis Dominguez
Feb 1974

The Kiss of Death

Gerry Conway

Esteban Moroto

2nd Satana

NEW! pages
1 2 9 11

Summary: A huntress stalks the streets of Los Angeles and her prey is YOUR SOUL! She's SATANA, The Devil's Daughter, now in her own full-length feature!
Satana arrives in LA and meets two new disciples in a crowd of Satan worshippers, Ruth Cummins and Gloria Hefford (next seen in Marvel Spotlight #24). They are cult Satanists, and so Satana decides goes with them, after fending off the media-induced threat of Harry Gotham, a crusader for righteousness, by simply stating her will that none of "..MY people..." would be harmed and then staring them into submission. Being a mostly male crowd, this works well due to her Succubus influence. Satana leaves Gotham behind, sputtering in rage. Shortly thereafter, she excuses herself to go feed on some unsuspecting man.
Meanwhile, Harry Gotham hires a member of the "Dark Church", Darkos Edge, to kill Satana. Gotham has correctly divined Satana's true nature, and is frightened of it.
Then, Ruth and Satana compare the Marks of Satan that each have, and later still Satana is up late casting a spell to contact her Father. She is prevented by the efforts of "the Four" whom Satana says: "they who have driven me from my homeland now keep me from contacting my Father." Satana ends the spell as someone, uninvited, enters Ruth and Gloria's home. Satana then says something very key in her continued existence: "My life THIS CYCLE will not be dull, at the least." Ruth is then killed - fulfilling the dream she had of Satan telling her "your life will leave you" - protecting Satana from Dr. Edge, and his thug assistant, as Satana and Gloria watch. She avenges Ruth by taking the souls of Dr. Edge, his thug, and finally, Harry Gotham. Thus he fulfills his own fears. His soul she crushes in her fist, the first time we actually see what happens to her victim, but the power of the panel implies heavily that this is the first time she has destroyed a soul after taking it.

Also included is a prose article/history called "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Satana.. but were afraid to ask." by Carla Joseph, which will someday be reprinted here in its entirety. For now, the main points were this: created by Stan Lee, John Romita and Roy Thomas. Visuals by John Romita and Esteban Moroto. The article contains three of the early concepts of Satana, and once We have a scanner within reach...

Earl Norem

HoH #2
A Fire in Hell

Gerry Conway

Pablo Marcos

2 Satana stories

8 pages

Summary: A cool night on the SUNSET STRIP. The lingering fragrence of exotic perfume. And then, a scream! SATANA is hunting this night. Hunting those who EXILED her on this dustbowl world, Earth!
Satana stays with Gloria Hefford and meets First Lt. Richard Corbett, a neighbor and LA cop. Satana seduces him, then sends him to kill one Miles Gorney, whom she knows is the leader of the 4, those who have imprisoned her and earned her ire. Corbett knows him as a prominent LA businessman. Under Satana's spell Corbett has no choice but to kill him. Satana finds out too late that Gorney's death was needed to finish the binding spell on Satana, and she played a part in her own imprisonment. She steals Corbett's soul in her rage. Satana is now trapped on Earth.

Story 2

10 pages

Bloody Is The Path To Hell
Gerry Conway

Enrique Badia Romero

Summary: Her name is SATANA, The Devil's Daughter. And she has come to the cave of the Winds to find her way home to hell. To find, instead, treachery and, perhaps, DEATH!
Satana is in a Netherworld, trying to get into Hell another way. She meets Zannarth, an Incubus who has been in Satana's service since her chidhood, in Hell. Together they go to the 'Cave of Seven Winds', an alternate route to Hell. They are attacked by demons with the faces of animals - Trachos, the leader, Raga, Karath, and Ellin - who are really the 4 in disguise. Satana seemingly kills Trachos. The other demons escape.Satana and Zannarth continue on.

HoH #4
This Side Of Hell

12 pages

Tony Isabella

Enrique Badia Romero

Summary: Trapped in the Netherworld, the Devil's Daughter faces her deadliest foes in a sinister showdown at the gates of Hell!.
Satana and Zannarth continue their travel through the Netherworld. The 4 - now 3 - attack again, this time killing Zannarth. Satana, enraged, strips the demon animal faces from the 3 and steal their souls. Trachos, revealed to be Miles Gorney, then returns. He further vanishes back to Earth, and lastly takes the barrier that keeps Satana from entering Hell down as he goes. Satana decides to turn her back on Hell then, swearing vengeance on Miles Gorney and all his servants, and returns to Earth.

story #2
Doorway To Dark Destiny
Chris Claremont

Pat Broderick & the Crusty Bunkers

12 pages

Summary: A terrifying text feature in which our soul-shatteriing succubus is forced to ally herself with a man of God - against demons from Hell!
This tale opens on Michael Heron, man of God. He discovers Satana beaten and vulnerable in an alley, protected by her cat familiar, Exiter. Satana has been trying to get back into Hell, but has found that the barrier that held her on Earth has returned, stronger than ever. She has expended herself in her defiance. The cat allows him to help her, and they are attacked by another mugger - see VT #2 - which Exiter dispatches as the former Priest tends to Satana, unware of who she is. He takes her to his apartment, and while tending her wounds sees the birthmark of Satan on the hollow of her throat. He knows it for what it is, yet helps her anyway She awakens and tries to seduce him, and fails, the first time this has ever happened to her. She does not let him know how startlingly this affects her. Then they are attacked by Monsignor Jimmy Cruz, a friend of Heron's who believes he does the Lord's work, fighting Fire with Fire. Satana escapes; Heron is captured. Satana follows, killing one of Cruz's flunkies to get information but sparing an old woman who sees it all. Satana then sends Exiter to infiltrate Cruz's lair. The familiar sees Cruz's plan, to call up the N'garai, a race of Elder Gods who were deafeated by Satan, before his fall (see Uncanny X-men #96, also by C.C., for first pictured N'garai). Exiter telepathically relays this to Satana, but he is overconfident, and is captured and quickly killed by Cruz. Heron watches as Satana enters and makes short work of Cruz, even over his protests. She then finds Exiter's body and is saddened: another new, human emotion. She again tries to take Heron's soul in her grief and rage for control. She fails.

HoH #5
Earl Norem
Jan 1975

1 story

Chris Claremont

George Evans

Last Issue
int. cover by
Pablo Marcos

Summary: Satana is back...with a vengeance!
Walter Dean sits in the dark with a sawed-off shotgun, waiting. Satana knocks down the door he hides behind and stares him down with his own soul, and the evil therein.
Satana is looking for information on Miles Gorney, yet before she can get it another man enters the room. Satana takes his souls as well. And before she can leave the room, having not found the information she seeks, she is again attacked, this time by a woman. Satana defeats her, yet before she can try again, behind her is another of the great night's mysteries: a demon from her father's court, Agathon the tempter, enters the play. Satana attacks him as well, this time she is defeated.
Satana awakens with her hand around Death's neck, which turns out to be a secretary of Miles Gorney's. Satana is escorted into Miles' presence, and he shows her that she should turn her back on Satan and join him, showing her the souls of her own dead, in Miles' possession. She refuses to go against her father. She is attacked by Agathon and other demons, and the torn and nearly-dead body of her friend Michael Heron removes itself from his hellish prison and tries to help Satana.The demon women have her down and about to deliver the killing stroke, when Heron throws his only weapon, his crucifix, into the magical mix of hellspawn, around the neck of one demonness. She explodes, and Satana is loose. She skillfully dodges a thrown spear, which strikes Heron in the chest. Satan then breaks the back of the last demonness, only to be shown what she has by now figured out - that Miles Gorney is really her father.
This had all been an elaborate test of her loyalty, especially in the aftermath of Daimon's desertion. Satana is instructed to totally prove her loyalty, even now, as she is to take the soul of Heron for her father. She refuses. Her father is mad. He casts her down to Earth, exiled from Hell and free on Earth.

MP #7
Bob Larkin
Summer 1976

Damnation Watlz!
Devil's Symphony!

Chris Claremont

Vincente Alcazar

int. illio by Vincente Alcazar

Summary: Part 1: Youmg Judith Camber finds herself in the grip of other-worldly evil, with Satana the Devil's Daughter at the dreaded core of the mystery!
Judith Camber comes home from traveling to find her family horribly killed in some Satanic ceremony. As the cops get on the scene and take control of the situation, Brian Abelard, law partner of the murdered Gene Camber, arrives. He goes into the house and answers questions from the police. He asks to see Judith, and is allowed to speak with her. He calls to her, and as she replies and recognizes him her face twists in fury and she attacks him. She is sedated with a struggle, screaming that she must kill this man.
Judith then dreams of a dark-clothed woman much like herself who is beset upon by a dark, sinster group called the Camarilla of the Elder Gods, who cast a spell on her and sever her ties to her otherworldly home. Judith wakes screaming. Brian is there, and she does not attack him. He offers to stay the night for company. She rushes him out in the morning and goes to wake herself in that American tradition, the partaking of coffee. She sees the face of herself in the dream on the mirror surface of the coffepot. The reflection has a name: Satana. Judith freaks, doubting the strength of her hold on sanity. She reaches for the phone, desperate for aid. She thinks to call her brother and does. As Daimon Hellstorm, Satana's brother, answers the phone Judith remembers that she is an only child and hangs up the phone.
We are then taken to the group watching and manipulating her, the Camarilla. They are doubtful of their spell's ability to contain Satana in the form of Judith, which they have done. Before they can come to a solid decision Satana looks at them through their crystal ball, laughs at them and destroys the ball. Back we go to Judith, who has had enough sitting around and wants to get out of the house. As she gets her purse, she discovers a credit card and a reciept that are hers, yet she does not know them. The mirror she turns her back on shatters, releasing the image and feel of the Basilisk. Judith runs away. Confused even more now, she takes the items and goes out towards the address on the bill, on the Sunset Strip. There she mulls her decision over coffee (with possible cameos by Steve Gerber, Steve Englehart and Chris Claremont in the panel) and finally goes into the occult store the bill is from. There the attendant, Dominic, knows her by name, even though she doesn't remember ever being there before. He gives her clothing as previously instucted and then calls Brian Abelard.
Once the costume is on, Satana is again in control. Dominic enters the changing room, ordered to contain her and not let her escape. He has friends. Satana takes them all out looking like the Master of Kung-Fu. Dominic runs away and is stopped in his tracks by Satana, who takes his soul in and agaonizing kiss of death. Then the Camarilla spell closes about her again, and Judith recovers to the taste of death on her lips and in the very air. She panics. Brian laughs in the shadows, his voodoo doll of Satana in his fist, claiming he will destroy her soon.

Part 2: Satana at the mercy of demon cultists! And if she dies - a world perishes!
Judith again dreams, and has nightmares of Satana and the Basilisk. She awakens with the pentagram smeared on her forehead in oil. Through it she sees the binding of Satana and the group about to destoy her. Judith gets dressed and goes to save her. The house is guarded agianst her leaving, but with the Basilisk's help she gets through it. She goes to the gathering and is not allowed in. She is then helped by a man who has a shop across the street. Judith almost seduces him for his soul, sees Satana's face in the mirror as she turns away. Mr. Dyson, the proprietor of the shop, then explains to Judith how she is Satana, even though she remembers her own life. Satana's spirit is then abruptly taken by the Camarilla from Judith. Dyson then explains to her the Basilisk, and shoes her how she has been its pawn all this time. The Basilisk wants to be free to destroy.
The Satanic ceremony is on! Judith/Satana, once again whole, busts in on them and again takes them out like Jackie Chan until their numbers drag her down. The Camarilla want the end of the world, the Basilisk is waiting for it. Satana's death may release it. The knife is held above her. Satana knows she has one chance, and takes it. She summons the Basilisk to destroy the Camarilla before they can kill her. The Basilisk destroys everything in one big splash page. Satana remains, and catches Brain Abelard's butterfly soul floating away on the breeze. She catches it with two fingers and crushes it, sending him to Hell. Satana laughs at the blood and carnage all around her.

Also included is a text piece by Chris Claremont called "From the Devil, A Daughter", which runs down her history so far, explaining that this is the end of the first run of Satana.

The story continues - in color! Follow for the Next Page!
Satana History 2!

Featuring Marvel Spotlight and Original Art from Sal Buscema and Bob McLeod!

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