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He is DAIMON HELLSTROM - spawn of the Devil, born of woman - man of God, heir to Hell - and his two natures are ever at war! For though he carries Satan's mark on his chest, he is sworn to drive his Father's minions from the world of men. Exorcist, psychic demonologist, wielder of the soulfire - he is all of these, but within him lurks a second self, a savage, satanic side he must constantly fight to control... lest he lose his human heritage forever! Stan Lee Presents...

The Son of Satan!
in his own mag!

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SoS #1

Gil Kane
Mike Esposito
Dec 75

The Homecoming!

John Warner

Jim Mooney

Pg 1 by Jim Starlin

Summary: Daimon returns to Fire Lake, his birth-home. There he enters Hell, argues with his father, returns, fights the Possessor, and is left alone at the end.
To Be Continued!

SoS #2

Feb 76

The Possession!

John Warner

Sonny Trinidad

cover original

Summary: The Homecoming Part 2
The Possessor has moves to Arizona, where a young native American wants power and aid. Daimon fights Baphomet, from MSp #15. The Possessor does just that to Daimon, leaving only Baphomet to save the day.
To Be Continued!

SoS #3

Gil Kane
Apr 76

Demon's Head

John Warner

Sonny Trinidad

Summary: The Homecoming conclusion!
The Possessor recounts his origin to Daimon while actively trying to destroy Hell. Satan confronts him, only to be saved by Daimon.

M2i1 #14

Gil Kane
Mar 76

Ghost Town!

Bill Mantlo

Herb Trimpe
John Tartag

Summary: The Thing is in Lawless, Arizona. Daimon meets him while there, drawn by some force. Kathara in the guise of Jedediah Ravenstorm, a particularly potent legend of this ghost town is the Enemy. The talents of both Daimon and the Thing are used here.
This tale treats Daimon much better than the MTU #32 story.

SoS #4


SoS #5


SoS #6

Gil Kane
Oct 76

House of Elements!

John Warner

Ed Hannigan
Sonny Trinidad

Summary: Daimon shares his Hell-reared secret with Saripha, and he is attacked by astral, water and earth elemntals before he is led to the Court of Anubis for Arbitration!
To Be Concluded!

SoS #7

Gil Kane
Dec 76

Mirror of Judgement

John Warner

Sonny Trinidad

Summary: Mindstar,from previous issues, had led Daimon to the court of Anubis. Then the real Anubis shows up. The Battle is on! Can Daimon win?

SoS #8

Feb 77

"..Dance with the Devil My Red-Eyed Son!"

Bill Mantlo

Russ Heath

last issue
original page

Summary: A special story of the dreams of Satan himself on Christmas Eve.

to Daimon's second series - Hellstorm, Prince of Lies!
Coming Soon!

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