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Stan Lee Presents:Werewolf by Night
Part 2!

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WbN #6

Mike Ploog
June 1973

Carnival of Fear!

Len Wein

Mike Ploog
Frank Bolle

Summary: A classic cover of the werewolf trapped begins this tale of Jack being watched. Jack is beset upon by locals who know not what he is in the night's caress. He turns them away as his watcher, Rihva, decides he likes what he sees. He holds a part of the Bloodstone and with it his carnival travels to Los Angeles and a meeting Jack knows nothing of - yet.
Days before the next full moon, Jack, Buck and Lyssa are at the carnival. Stan Lee is the Barker. Jack meets Rihva alone and is taken under his spell. Stan comes back and admires the swami's handiwork. Lyssa and Buck do not meet Jack as expected and at the local police precinct the cops are starting to believe there is a werewolf loose in the city under pressure from the media.
The carnival leaves town, Jack in tow, and comes to the desert to set up the next camp. He is introduced to the troupe. He is then herded into a cage until he can be shown off to the paying masses as he transforms! Stan ventures too close and is somewhat mauled by the werewolf who is later disciplined by the whipmaster. Jack is unrelenting and so the troupe is involved in Jack's escape attempt. Strong men, carnies and lions are thrown into the mix as Jack must fight for his life and freedom!
To Be Continued!

WbN #7

Mike Ploog
July 1973

Ritual of Blood!

Len Wein

Mike Ploog
Jim Mooney

Summary: The Werewolf is locked in a cage with circus lions! He fights them until rescued by the strong-man, Big Elmo, who grabs 1 cat while the werewolf takes on 2. The play stops as Rihva returns. Jack is left in the cage as the animals are cleared out. He learns the origin of Rihva from Elmo as Lyssa and Buck search the carnival for Jack. They find Jack as Rihva finds them and they are soon under hypnosis and in animal suits to display for the masses. The marks are still paying to see Jack transform. Stan Lee (as the Barker from last issue) keeps Jack sedated with a gas from his cane. Rihva begins the ritual that Jack has been taken for: the Bloodstone in Rihva's grasp (not determined to be one of THE Bloodstones. See the Bloodstone page for more on the stone itself and its carriers) is a treasure map made my a powerful sorcerer which can only be read when immersed in the blood of a supernatural being! Elmo diagrees and is shot like a dog, but not before he crushes the whipmaster under his falling body and setting the place afire. The werewolf escapes only to find Lyssa threatened by Rihva, whom she takes care of personally and escapes. Rihva at last uses the Bloodstone to try taking over the werewolf's mind and falls from the savagery within Jack. Rhiva's Bloodstone falls to the floor, forgotten by the escaping Jack, as the place burns down.

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