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Got Milk?

KISS is finally at the Haunt of Horror!

These 4 (and more!) guys did as much for Our fascination with Marvel's horror mags as Alice Cooper and Satana. Their appearances are few, but in those days there was not as much media to cover everything. Their images were engraved on Our young psyches. They were mysterious, we never saw their real faces. KISS could be anything. Mythic Heroes. Cold Elder Gods. Rock-n -Roll personified. We respect their longevity.
We DID also enjoy the "Psycho Circus" comic every month from TMP's end of Image. At present (Sept 2001) We have found that a new series has been picked up, with a series (or so) from the wonderful Dark Horse comics!

THANKS A LOT, MIKE!! (and KISS too!)

Similar in tone, if not content, to these fine artifacts here at Satana's Haunt! Sign up for some today!
Also, those of us out here who can't get these old mags, worry not! KISS own the rights to these stories, and a new trade from Dark Horse will be soon be in the works!






MSSp #1


Steve Gerber

Alan Weiss
John Buscema
Rich Buckler
Sal Buscema

Made with real KISS blood!

Summary: The guys from KISS get these magical talismans (similar to the ones in "KISS Meets the Phantom") that Dr.Doom thinks should be his. Mephisto also has a say, while Dr. Strange acts his name and has the Marvel Heroes stand aside while these 4 inexperienced strangers tangle with two of the harshest villains ever! Like Wow, Man!

MSSp #5

KISS' second Marvel appearance. No real blood this time...


KCl #1

Steve Gerber

Alan Weiss
John Buscema
Rich Buckler
Sal Buscema

Reprints KISS Sp. 1 & 2

Summary: Both issues together for the first time!

And now appearing at Satana's Haunt

Alice Cooper!

Another one of the Marvel music/horror kinda thing they did in the quest for expansion. Wonderful, and indeed one of the last, best stories having to do with real/unreal people. We could go for more... and Marvel finally did back in the mid-90's, releasing "The Last Temptation" in conjunction with Alice's CD of the same name. We'll have that here one day as well....
has anyone else noticed this went to Dark Horse as well..?

MPm #50
Tom Sutton
Oct 1979

"From The Inside"

Alice Cooper
Jim Salicrup
Roger Stern
Ed Hannigan

Tom Sutton
Terry Austin

Based on the album of the same name by Alice Cooper and Bernie Taupin.
Try it! Listen to the CD or LP while reading this comic - the music comes alive!

Summary: Alice is trying to escape from the inside of the asylum. He has benn improperly imprisoned due to his strange nature, Verinica the snake, and his similarity in names with one Alex Cooper, a true loonie. Once within his pleas go unheard. The cast of the album's all here: Jacknife Johnny, Nurse Rosetta, Millie and Billie. Alice has a relaxing stay in somewhere less insane than usual. He does escape, with Veronica's help, sees the state of the real world, and goes back in after he ends up protesting at an "Alex Cooper" political rally! Really!

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