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THE BLOODGEM - a STRANGE JEWEL out of time and space which held the KEY to all mysteries of the MULTIVERSE. 10,000 years ago it shattered, its uncountable fragments spread across the Earth. ULYSSES BLOODSTONE - he was THERE, in humanity's infancy, when the gem shattered. One of those fragments lodged in his CHEST, giving him POWER - enough power to conquer LIFE AND DEATH. Now Bloodstone HUNTS the other fragments, in all corners of the globe, to keep them out of the hands of AGENTS OF CHAOS who would use them to unleash... ARMAGEDDON! Stan Lee Presents...

The Bloodstone Legacy!

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Marvel Presents #1

Oct 75

Marvel Presents #2

The Bloodstone story continued in the back-up pages of The Rampaging Hulk magazine, issues #1-6 and 8.
#7 had the Man-Thing as the back-up tale.
We will post the summaries and pics of those issues coming soon.

Ramging Hulk #1
Jan 1977

1: Trail of the Starstone!
2: Seige of the Starstone

John Warner

John Buscema
Rudy Nebres

Summary: A gem is stolen from the Rio De Janiero Port Authority Customs office. So begins the tale of the search over the high seas for the pieces of the stargem. Several factions seek their power; one employs the claws of the Killer Shrike!
To Be Continued!

From here Ulysses' adventures were chronicled after the fact of his death, in Captain America #357-364: "The Blodstone Hunt" in which his skeleton is robbed of its' stone (and breastplate) by Baron Zemo, who uses it to search the globe even as Captain America does for the fragments of the Bloodstone. Cap uses Ulysses' skull to track the gemstones, running into Incas, sharks, N'Kantu the Living Mummy (who holds a piece in the hope he can be reanimated by the whole gem), and other horrors including John Jameson, the Man-Wolf, who works as a new pilot for the Avengers at this time and has a bad reaction to the Bloodstone. "It's a good read."

We @ Satana's Haunt are pleased to present...

Fiesty, eighteen-year-old ELSA BLOODSTONE never knew that her father ULYSSES was the world's greatest monster hunter. But now she's found out the hard way, accidentally assuming the mantle her father once wore! By donning the mysterious Bloodstone, Elsa becomes imbued with super-strength and other magical powers, ready to protect the world from all types of monsters! Stan Lee Presents...


Bloodstone #1

Michael Lopez
Oct 31

Blood Runs Thicker...

Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning

Michael Lopez
Scott Hanna

1 2 3 4 10 13

Summary: Elsa Bloodstone, the daughter of the monster-hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, finally comes into her inheritance. She is accompanied by her mother and meets the denizens of the castle where her father lived. We meet the supporting cast: Charles Barnabus, estate executor, Mr. Dluga, his clerk, and his family.
At rest she has a dreams of fighting vampires, and wanders the castle. She is met by the caretaker: Frankenstein's Monster, now called Adam. They become friends. He gives her the Bloodstone choker, on orders from beyond the grave (Ulysses') and it grafts itself onto her. She then accidentally rubs a magic lamp and is taken away to somewhere else (Bosnia) and meets Dracula! Worse, he knows who she is...
To Be Continued!

Bloodstone #2

Dec 2001

Mummy's Girl

Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning

Michael Lopez
Scott Hanna

1 2 3

Summary: Dracula and Elsa romp and play while learning history ad catching up. He is then taken down by a group of dark commandos. Soon she returns home none the worse for wear (thanks to the lamp) and faces the menace of the club sandwich of horror with her mother looking on. Her mother goes out to dinner with the caretaker and tries to keep Elsa from the family business. She in the meanwhile has gotten fashion tips from the assembled man, Adam. Together they try the magic lamp again and end up in Egypt facing zombies and the mummy! Is it N'Kantu?
To Be Continued!

Bloodstone #3

Michael Lopez
Feb 02 (?)
Dec 01

Like Life, Only Colder

Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning

Michael Lopez
Scott Hanna

pages coming

Summary: This tale begins in the desert, within the Pyramids of Egypt. Master Fazil is summoning a demon, Rakses, with the subservient aid of Doctor Minkly. In the best "Army of Darkness" tradition they get it wrong. The demon they summon gets loose and must be stopped by Elsa and N'Kantu, the Living Mummy, who apes Elsa's slang. He doesn't seem to get out much, and indeed in this issue he remains in the tomb. Rakses escapes only to meet Adam.
Back at home she is discovered by Tomas, who wants in on the action. In the best vixen tradition she stikes poses and then chastises Tomas for looking.
There is an interlude which ties into the Drac attack from last issue and may be the focus of #4.
Elsa and her mom talk as they catalogue Ulysses' items. Mr Barnabus comes in as Mom leaves and takes up in helping until he is attacked. He also finds out Elsa has taken up her father's mantle; she finds out he's a vampire. He is not happy, but it won't matter because now Elsa has to save him and reassemble Adam!
To Be Concluded!

Bloodstone #4

Michael Lopez
Mar 2002

In The Blood

Dan Abnett
Andy Lanning

Michael Lopez
Tom Derenick

Scott Hanna

Summary: Adam gets his head back, Dracula and Barnabus survive the best efforts of the vampiric villains, the Nosferati, to destroy them. Other vampires are not so lucky. Elsa shows off some killers trinkets, such as silver cross buckshot and a UV flashlight. Her run as the Monster-Hunter is almost cut short as Lord Nosferatu gains the power he seeks and nearly kills Elsa with his horrible vampiric bite. Better check your Bloodstone history, Nosferatu! Oops, too late! Dracula actually works with Adam to save them, then disappears.
Once the main fun is over, Barnabus decides to keep her secret for now. Elsa settles into college and still does her monster-hunting with the aid of her new friends. The End, and the Hunt begins.. with a Kraken.

Solid entertainment in comic form. Good miniseries for the Tomb Raider crowd. Thanks, guys!

To The Werewolf By Night!

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