Tape Trading Standards

Mark Time is the author of many articles and three books on radio hobby topics, including Aircheck Arcade (which may still be available from the DecalcoMania, if that club still exists?).  Please contact the author should you have any questions, or are interested in trading and collecting radio aircheck tapes.

    "The biggest challenge in swapping tapes, besides finding someone to record the stations or programs you want, is to negotiate a compromise between two differing styles of trading and collecting.  Each person has their own way of recording, packaging and mailing tapes, yet too many people assume that what they like and prefer is automatically standard amongst everyone, or at least is acceptable to everyone.  Much of the following is based on postings on the Yahoo 'Airchecks R Us' message board, in turn from over 25 years of personal experiences (not all of them pleasant).

    "I would have to agree [to comments by AirchecksRUs message-poster 'bobonradio'] that if someone has particular wants, they should let them be known in advance. Perhaps we (this group as a whole?) should come up with a set of standards, and then only have to mention any deviations from or additions to those norms?  For example (just something to chew on...it's lunch-time here, ha):"

Some online radio and/or trading references to consider:     "I will be updating this page as other information comes in.  Input, opinions, and suggested Web sites are all welcome, thank you!"